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The Division hopes the Snowdrop Engine will melt your heart

The Division snowdrop engine

This blurry screengrab doesn’t really do it justice. Sorry.

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division, in memory of Tom Clancy’s Tom Clancy, will be running on the Snowdrop Engine. I know this, because there was a video telling people all about it shown as part of the sleep deprivation torture experiment known as VGX 2013.

“Never before has a videogame reached this level of detail,” says the trailer, before showing off how pretty the lighting, dynamic shaders and particle effects are. It does look very pretty, and I think I caught my graphics card sobbing quietly as the video progressed. Of course, “looking really nice” is only one part of what makes a game great. The rest is … well, the gamey bits. We’ll see what The Division has to offer in that department once Ubisoft starts talking about it a bit more.

For now, all that’s really known is that it’ll be a third-person MMO type jaunt set in a collapsing New York.

The Division is due in late 2014, so expect at least 4,000 more trailers between now and then.

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  • sorudo

    the engine does indeed show promise but there is something that games never get right, texture rendering.
    the video even shows this, you have all kinds of wonderful effects that makes immersion strong but a simple silver cover looks so 3D rendered, the police car shows the same thing.
    i know it’s a difficult task to do textures perfectly since even movies never seem to get it right but IMO, it’s about time they stop focusing on particle effects and start focusing on rendering textures right.