Dota 2 International 4 After Party stream now live

dota2 after party

As you can see it’s all kicking off.

Having never knowingly passed up a chance to write a videogame article featuring Darude, here’s where to watch the Dota 2 International 4 after party. To be more precise, here’s where to watch that thing I just wrote.

For a comprehensive retrospective on the The International 4, have a read of Tim’s piece about the event.

Thanks to the generous wallets of those who purchased The Compendium, the $8.8 million USD stretch goal of “We’ll bother to stream the after party for you … oh by the way, Darude will be there. You know, Darude? Sandstorm. That guy.” was handily met. Darude isn’t on there yet, it’s somebody called Katie Kate instead. But I’m sure he’s coming up later with all the Darude hits you know and love.

Before Katie Kate, there was a guy who mostly seemed to be playing Dota 2 on his Macbook and occasionally putting a record on. He looked about as thrilled to be there as most Dota 2 players seem to have been about the finals.

This is him.

dota 2 after party2

“Fifteen minute final game? Fuckin’ bollocks mate.”

And this is “Seattle producer/rapper” Katie Kate.

dota2 after party 3

“Maybe if I cling to this mic it’ll be over faster.”

It’s … it’s not great, to be honest with you. Tim (McDonald) informs me that even though she has a twitter account, she has not tweeted about her presence at this event. She also just said “maybe it’s the wrong crowd.” That’s kind of the impression I’m getting too.

Anyway, yes, it’s all been quite strange/funny/awkward so far. I’m not convinced Darude will do much to alter that, so I recommend watching a bit.

Katie Kate will be on until 9.30pm (Pacific). After that it’s Ki:Theory until 11.00pm. Then it’s THE MAIN EVENT. Mr Darude himself.

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  • Paul Younger

    Ok so just watched a bit of this and it’s tragic, really tragic. If you ever watched the comedy Silicon Valley there’s a scene in that where Kid Rock is playing at a private party for about 30 people and nobody gives a toss in the crowd. This is just like that.

    Also note that putting on records is not a talent you should be hired for. I’m sure he just plugged in his MP3 player and was making sandwiches behind that desk. DJs are the biggest conmen ever. Whatever happened to real music? *sigh*

    • DConn

      Beofre you say what you say, look up what a top tier dj like darude does on stage. Neither of us could go up on stage and do what he does. Theres a lot more that goes into it than what you think.

  • Paul Younger

    Thanks to Tim for pointing me at this…


    Wait! There’s actually a man with guitar on stage. What is this witchery I’m seeing? What is this strange stringed instrument? Ah no. Most of it seems to be sampled. Nevermind.

  • Tim McDonald

    I haven’t been hating most of the music so far, although “awkward” fits quite well. Ki:Theory seemed quite Passion Pit which I’m not going to complain about (although they appear to have just gone a bit nu-metal, so that can fuck off) and Katie Kate mostly just seemed to be in the wrong place. Or maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome. Hard to tell.