DOTA 2 releasing this summer says Valve


Surely not? This can’t be true? DOTA 2 is actually going to be released? Apparently so according to info released in the July issue of PCGamer.

DOTA 2 has been in beta testing since 1573 and will released before the Interntational 3 event which takes place between 7-11 August according to Valve.

Will Valve really release it though, this is Valve we are talking about after all. To get some confirmation on this, community site Valvetime decided to get a straight answer from  Erik Johnson, senior project leader at Valve.His reply was short and to the point; “That is the plan”.

That may well be the plan but we’ll believe it when we see it. Still, it’s actually nice to see Valve plan on getting it released, although I do fear for Tim’s health once it arrives in full.



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  • Tim McDonald

    Well, it was nice knowing you all.

    In all seriousness, though: I don’t think this’ll make *too* much of a difference for me. This beta is more polished than most full games, and it’s not like the mechanics are going to heavily change between now and then.

    I also have no idea what they’re going to classify as “launch.” One of the stretch goals for the International Compendium is for the community to choose which hero launches next, so they’re not going to have all the heroes in at “release.” As far as I know the mentor system hasn’t even entered the beta yet, so I guess that might not be in. We still haven’t seen more than one single-player quest/tutorial.

    In short, it sounds like “release” might just be “when we think the servers can cope with an increased player capacity” and I’m not even sure that matters. Much as the beta isn’t open, there are so many codes floating around that anyone who wants to get in pretty much can.

    Guess we’ll see, though.

  • Kiroptus

    Yeah its not actually a full release on how the game is complete since there are still heroes to go and given the glacial pace of which they are being released it certainly doesnt feel like they will manage to port them all and as you noted, one of the goals is the development of a chosen hero for the community (which means Goblin Techies, he has way too many fanboys, if the goal is ever achieved, he is the hero to come).

    I think on release it just means that people will be able to freely download it from steam and announce it on the store page as F2P, because right now it needs some keys to enter the beta and even tho those are easily acquired it still means that its not actually released.

    Also, an odd thing to me is how the tutorial/quests really look like they are not even close to complete as well, I would expect that a mass release would at least have those ready to help newcomers since Dota is quite daunting and many new players will try the game and the community is extremely hostile to them, maybe some fun singleplayer quests would help players to acquire some taste for the game first because if they jump into a match right away without prior knowledge… oh boy…

  • fsj

    Great news. More people = quicker matchmaking! This game is in great shape and it’s had a few hiccups but in terms of the F2P market it will be one of the most stable, polished releases in a long time.