Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha update to support AMD users released

Dota 2 workshop

Following the releases of the DOTA 2 tools there’s an update for everyone.

AMD users got a bum deal with the release of the tools after crashing was reported. Thankfully this update which has just been released should resolve that issue and sort out a few other bits and pieces too.

The update includes:

  • Fix for a crash when loading a map in Hammer on certain AMD processors
  • Fixed a crash caused by entities being spawned inside the addon init functions
  • Disabled bots in addon games for now to fix crashes related to bots trying to use invalid abilities
  • Fix for a crash when opening the map manifest widget in Hammer
  • Fix for crash when attempting to import a map with a tile grid in it as a prefab
  • Replaced “TakeDamage” function with “ApplyDamage” in script interfaces and added damage types and flags

What are these? The tools will allow you to create and share custom maps, modded game modes and more in time.

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