Double Fine’s Brutal Legend now available to pre-order on Steam

Double Fine’s Brutal Legend now available to pre-order on Steam

Brutal Legend

The lords of metal have spoken, and they were quite loud so after a while I started to go deaf and miss what they were saying. But from what I can gather, Double Fine’s action-adventure/RTS hybrid thingie Brutal Legend (starring Jack Black, Rob Halford and others) will be available through Steam on 26 February.

You can pre-purchase right now and get access to the PC multiplayer beta and (gasp) some as-yet-unspecified-but-presumably-metal-esque Team Fortress 2 hats.

The game is claiming “improved performance” and “more detailed visuals,” but doesn’t get too specific about what that means (has Double Fine solved their engine issue that locks everything at 30fps yet?) Some things are for sure: the PC release comes with all available DLC from the get-go and costs $20 USD ($15 USD with a pre-order.)

A soundtrack edition is also available for $25 USD ($19 USD pre-order.) It includes 108 songs, which strongly suggests all the music from the original release will be appearing in this one too.

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  • CG

    I remember watching this on G4TV years ago when they first announced the game. Looked interesting but will wait for a PC review. For those interested here’s a Brutal Legend review from 2009 for the console: http://www.incgamers.com/2009/06/brutal-legend/

  • i love the game on the 360 but to pre-order it, no way.
    i really don’t care about multiplayer and don’t play team fortress 2 anyway, i just hope they will eventually allow modding.