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Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay footage with bouncing dragons

A few bits and pieces came out of PAX this year including this new video for Dragon Age Inquisition which shows more of the sequel’s gameplay including some tasty looking combat footage. Oh, and there’s a massive dragon that bounces in.

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  • sorudo

    i have to admit, this is looking good.
    i hope the gameplay on the PC is as good, up until now i have a nasty thing about comparing games like that with skyrim….hard to get anything close to that.

  • CG

    Love the gothic feeling. Dragon fight was interesting, for example how your NPC ally shouts they will distract the dragon and gives you (or whomever else) orders in how to attack. It’s subtle enough to feel like you’re in control and adds depth to a fight. No more waiting for the battle to end and then people start saying things. Also, did you see that grapple attack at 1:20? That was freaking awesome. Fight against shield seemed interesting.. hopefully the shielded person takes minimal of any damage, making you actually think about how you’ll attack rather than button mash until the shield somehow breaks, the latter of which would be terrible for gameplay.

    I’m optimistic about the next Dragon Age. Bioware, keep the content coming.

  • Anon

    I am sort of disappointed. All the talk about “tactical combat” past few days got my hopes up they are returning to DAO style, but as it turns out they are making a 3rd pov action game. Despite looking good, i dislike what i saw here.