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Thief screenshots sneak out of the darkness

We’re still a little uncertain as to whether or not Thief (or Thief 4, or Thi4f, or Thifourf) will actually be any good, considering the rumours of development troubles and the slightly troubling displays of…

By: Tim McDonald

EA’s E3 2013 Conference Round-Up: The PC Bits

This is EA’s first E3 of the post-Riccitiello era, and their first to address the new console pairing of the Xbox One and PS4. But, being a PC-only site, we’re only interested in the multiplatform…

By: Peter Parrish

We expected it: Dragon Age: Inquisition detailed

Unsurprisingly, Dragon Age: Inquisition – mysteriously missing the “3” from its title – has made an appearance at EA’s E3 press conference. BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn took to the stage and helped me clear…

By: Tim McDonald

Titanfall E3 reveal trailer

Respawn Entertainment revealed their new title Titanfall which will be coming to PC despite what it may have sounded like at the Microsoft conference. The game is fully multiplayer and you’ll be able to switch between…

By: Paul Younger

Watch Dogs E3 CGI trailer

One of the titles everyone will be keeping an eye on at E3 this year is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and this great CGI trailer sets the scene perfectly for some, stealth, hacky, action.

By: Paul Younger

E3 Daylight trailer is not exactly light

Seattle-based Zombie Studios are working on their Unreal 4 powered psychological thriller Daylight which is due for release early next year on the PC. In Daylight you play a lady who wakes up in the asylum…

By: Paul Younger

Arma 3 E3 screens show beta and full game action

Bohemia Interactive prepare for E3 by releasing new Arma 3 screenshots which have been taken from the beta version and full the full game. Unsurprisingly these new pieces of eye candy look really impressive, showing…

By: Paul Younger

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