Egosoft apologise for the state of X Rebirth – Bugs being investigated

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Update 17 November: Egosoft apologises again for X Rebirth problems but are amazed at “success”

You didn’t have to be a fortune teller to know that when X Rebirth launched it was going to have issues but we were  hoping it would be a smoother release than previous X games. After talking to Egosoft Director Bernd Lehahn last week we were hopeful. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

Today Egosoft issued an apology to anyone who  picked up X Rebirth yesterday when it launched.

First of all let me start by saying that I am very sorry if you personally experience problems with our new game. We are doing what we can to fix these issues as fast as possible. Below I will try to summarise some tips and inform you about our plans for updates and patches based on the feedback from threads in this forum and the egosoft community (which is unfortunately currently broken under the heavy load).

X Rebirth appears to be another case of a game that has been pushed out too early and my advice would be to hang on a while if you’re thinking about picking it up. With poor performance issues, joystick problems and crashing  it’s not going down well with many players.

Peter is currently in the process of putting our review together but this is a pretty massive game so we’re taking our time with it before whacking a score on it.

Thankfully, the official forums appear to be back online now after some downtime but they are up and down due to heavy load. At least there’s now a list of bugs the development team are currently looking which  include:

###### Bugs we are investigating ######

– Broken or missing voice recordings in language other than english

There is an update for german voices today (nov 15th) and another update end of next week. We apologize for these problems. French voices are expected to be added in mid december, russian voices should also follow in december.

– Performance problems on very high end PCs

It seems that some of you experience an unsatisfying framerate even though you have really high end machines. We want to know which systems are affected by this and need to reproduce these problems here. To do this it would help us immensely if you could send your DXDIAG reports and describe the framerates you measure (e.g with the FRAPS tool) in certain situations. Please describe the situation and give different examples (e.g landed on a station, in an empty zone, close to a station, in a highway etc.). Please send your information to [email protected] with subject #PERFORMANCE INFO#

– Stuck object on platform: We are sorry that this still happens sometimes and will fix it ASAP, but you should however always be able to simply use ENTER – 5 to get back.

– We read reports of people who can not save: Please check if the harddrive that you are saving to has space left and the right are set correctly for the savegame folder. If you think this is all correct, please send us a DXDiag file to [email protected] with subject #SAVING BUG#

– Crash right at gamestart (but not in or before start menu):

This is very likely memory related. Do not try running the game in 32 bit Windows (this is not officially supported). If you still want to experiment with 32 bit Windows, be aware that it may crash. More importantly it will definitely crash if you do not set your machine to allow more than 2GB of physical memory. There are tricks to achieve this but in general the rule is: Use a 64bit Windows! UPDATE: Patch 1.12 will give you a message at the start if the game has zero chance of running because of “out of memory” and not even start!

– Exiting the super highway (blue) millions of km away from anything

This seems to be a bug several people report. We are trying to reproduce this but it is not easy. If you have information on how to reproduce, please email [email protected]
Please let us know if you had this problem with 1.12 or above, as we hope it was already fixed.

– After loading cursor vanishes
While running around on platforms the mouse cursor is supposed to disappear. If it happens in normal flight, please check if you have more than one physical monitor and the cursor may just moved off the screen?

– Ship flying through station:

We apologize for this happening. We hoped to have reduced the chance of this happening significantly, but are investigating this.

###### Tricks & Tips ######

– Dont run game in 32bit Windows and make sure you have enough memory free

– Make sure you have latest drivers installed.

– If you have problems with the game, reset all settings in the driver to default

– If you suffer performance problems set the LOD and view distance to low values. The game should still look good but this helps a LOT. Consider turning off shadows, consider medium or low shaders if your GPU is the bottleneck.

– Trading: Some people report problems that trade ships do not work as expected. In most cases this is not a bug with the trade ship AI but the ship did not get the right order through the trade menu. As mentioned above, we definitely want to improve this menu further, but most importantly you have to make sure that when you add a trade order to a ship, you click on NEXT after selecting the order and assigning it to the ship selected at the top of the menu. Then you select the amount and confirm the order. After this you should see that an order was added to the ships order queue. One thing we want to improve is management of this queue and show it more clearly in trade ship info menus.

– There seems to be a bug with menus remaining open sometimes. If you end up with a non working menu, please see if changing the screen resolution or AA settings (ESC – settings – graphic settings) helps to make the menus work again. You can undo those changes after it works again. If this happens repeatedly please email information on how you reproduce this to [email protected]

###### Feedback about feature requests: ######

– Map and other menu improvement: We have a number of menu and map improvements planned. This includes more control over the map like the zoom that was suggested here and changing the layout of some of the text menus. We are also considering showing the “minimap” on the eventmonitor whenever there is “no signal” at the moment. These are a lot of individual improvements some of which will happen soon.

– Autopilot / SETA: We will add some autopilot support. However it is our goal with X Rebirth that you do not need to run the game semi-automatically for extended periods of time. This is also he reason why we will not support SETA / SINZA time acceleration. There should never be a need to wait 20 minutes for your trade ships once you have multiple ships. You can queue orders and do many things in parallel. Time acceleration as a trick to accelerate trading will not be in X Rebirth.

– Facial animations: We will look into improving facial animations.

– External view / Ability to turn around in cockpit: This was asked for a few times. Yes we will look into this but it will be part of a larger update and take more time than just a few weeks. It will also be combined with support for looking around in the cockpit (e.g with a joystick POV hat) and maybe also support for Oculus Rift style VR. So please be aware that this feature will take some time to add.

– Targeting hotkeys: Another feature that was requested a couple of times. Yes we will do this. Based on your feedback that is for one of the earlier updates even though such “explicit” targets only work in the mouse / keyboard mode. Not with controllers!

– Talking to people on stations: We have a plan for an early patch (early december) which will make the conversations and finding NPCs for jobs a lot easier and more accessible. This has a high priority.

– Skipping conversations: We will look into this, but I can not promise that this is always possible.

– Joystick support: We are aware that joystick support (as opposed to gamepad) at this time is not perfect. We definitely will make this a priority for one of the next updates, but please allow a little time for this.

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  • Dareka

    They are quick to acknowledge the problems so I don’t mind the wait. After seeing a number of PC exclusives(Company of Heroes 2, Total War: Rome 2) turned out to be a buggy mess this year I’m not that surprised to see X Rebirth’s problems.

    Besides I have some game back logs to keep me occupied until the fixes are out(I finally finished The Darkness 2 after I bought it months ago).

  • Daniel North

    Its all well and good them saying they are going to fix bugs. But the core game design is so poor, i can’t ever see this title worthy of my time. Its a shadow off X3. The UI is very stupid and purely designed for consoles. I have played for 15 hours and the only thing i can tell my ships to do is follow or transport me somewhere (2 actions) X3 was 100s. Sure going in stations adds something new to the experience, but surely it should be optional, as do we really buy space sim games to run around stations for 60% of the game. Also to note, is the combat, its very weak and i see they went for this as main aspect of the game. 5 weapons with 4 levels, one of which is a mining laser. Also with out the ability to even tell a ship to patrol a sector, there is no point having a fleet of ships.

    To me this game is a indie game at best, I think EGOSOFT should take a hard look in the mirror and really ask them selves is this pile of crap anything close to what they think is acceptable for a £40 price bracket game.

  • Cid

    but please allow a little time for this.

    I don’t get why software is the only thing which can be sold even if it’s badly incomplete. Just imagine if the guy who’s building your house says : listen dude, the walls are done but the roof has holes and I installed only one out of two windows. But pay me the full price and please allow a little time for me to finish the job. Oh, and BTW there might be several flaws I’m not aware right now so if you find them tell me and Ill fix them when I have some spare time…

    I dont understand why Egosoft does this on every new game released. They are killing their chances to sell a fair number of game copies at the release and freaking out even the veterans from their previous titles (like me)

  • will

    Man I called this !! you could see this a mile away if you know about games at all you know that a patch will not fix this LOL you people are living in space !!! you should be talking about how they took on some thing that they can not do and sold it knowing it was crap !!

  • mark

    i have a high end pc,i am not having problems with frame rate. the problem is with the cargo ships, they have me stuck on the early stages of the game because they will not dock and unload,i cant dock my self so all i can do is float about space, plus running around space stations raking through boxes and lockers is a opportunity wasted, with regards to free roaming inside space stations!. the dialog is a complete sham as with the way the npc’s look and sound you could have achieved a better result with an etcha scetch this is no where near finished. STOP USING CUSTOMERS AS GAME TESTERS!! patches don’t make me laugh.try taking your time developing the game properly if i had to wait years then i would, when you charge this kind of price you need to make sure the product is complete.the gaming industry is in a right mess with regurgitated shit getting pumped out i have been playing game’s for a very long time like zx spectrum and c64 day’s this is my hobby i love playing rpg games come on guy’s sort your shit out man.

  • Durandal

    Even if the game is crap it still doesn’t give you the right to promote piracy.

    • Durandal

      uups the post I was replying too no longer exists.

      • Rushster

        Yes, it was removed for being really stupid and encouraging piracy.

  • DavyD

    “Tricks & Tips” DO NOT BUY A BROKEN GAME. It’s not our job to help fix your mess. I few minor bugs maybe but this a joke.

  • charliebronson

    Official DEV response to the problems;

    “Panda Egosoft Vassili 35 minutes ago
    almost 11k that are playing. Go on and cry guys.”

    (Thats a 50% drop on a weekend too, so confused and arrogant)

    • Not a Panda

      As far as I can tell he isn’t a dev. Look at his Steam profile, he’s also called himself everything from Panda LO WANG Vassili to Panda fanboy vapore Vassili.

      If you’re going to spread negativity (awesome thing to do, BTW), then at least make sure you’ve got your facts right.

  • Bardos

    Utter disrespect is what this is. Knowing your games not done, releasing it anyway, then apologizing and say that youre ‘fixing things as quickly as possible from launch day is just bullshit.

    Glad I pirated this game and Egosoft didnt get a dime from me for an unfinished game.

    Have fun in your 15FPS sandbox, gentlemen. I’ll be buying the game once they release their ‘Gold Edition’

    • gary

      you’re an idiot

      look at me i did something illegal here is my confession gawd i am so badass

      • Pirate4life

        And what are you going to do about it? nothing is what, absolutely nothing because even those who pirated the game deleted it within the first 45mins, this game came out so bad not even pirates wanted it. Oh and if Egosoft wants to try coming after me for piracy on their pile of **** they are trying to sell for 60$ they can easily find me through this, come and try me please then i will tell you exactly how i feel about the state you released this game in person while stomping on your skull.

  • RichyMan

    Now there starting massive thread deletions on the steam forums to stop it looking like it’s so terrible. One could agree with deletion of posts that are just offensive but to delete valid complaints so people buy the game anyway is near fraud.

  • chris brown

    no played the game yet but im not buying it either

    there has not yet been one single x release that is even close to being acceptable.

    1 and 2 had issues I gave the 3rd a chance I actually baught it on release day and well it had more problems than the other 2. you are supposed to evolve not devolve.

    so I wont be buying this looked on here to see if was a decent release I would it is as expected, an unfinished product that I wont be buying anyway

  • K.O

    There are 4 problems that need a fix asap.

    1. FPS
    2. Trade ships not executing their orders properly, if doing it at all
    3. Enemy ships (also oneself) flying inside station structures and getting stuck there.
    4. NPCs acting like they’re seeing a ghost

    Fix those and the game will be somewhat decent until more problems can be fixed.

  • Lonsuder

    When i saw the X-rebirth trailer a week ago i was drooling like a dog from the corners of my mounth and had a erection . I was feeling gloriouse and thought by myself : YIAHAAA !! FINALLY !! a beautifull Space game like Eve-online , space battles and trading and missions maybe more ! Looks great ! I am going to buy this one ! Maybe a lot of people thought this also , and thats why they had a selling peak what they call a SUCCES ?
    Lucky i dont want to buy this from Steam because long time downloading and wanted to wait for the dvd of X-rebirth coming to the game shop . But now after i reading al these negative things here and on Metacritic and the Steam forum , i will not buy this offcource . Maybe for 20 Euro,s ..dont know yet .
    I will wait for more reviews aspecially from some game magazines who tested it for about 80 hours .
    If their reviews are also negative i will not buy it and just wait for Star Citizen and Elite Dangerouse .

  • Graeme

    Elite Dangerous Alpha Tests start in 2 weeks, Betas in Jan/Feb and Game release approx March/April 2014. Not long to wait now and at least they are on record as saying they will be testing the game to death before going live.

  • DarkSun

    Hot-fix for crashing at 100%

    Friday 15th November, 2013
    If youre finding that your game crashes at 100%, then there is possible work-around. To do this you must change your default playback format to 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality). Once done, re-try the game. The problem seems connected to the Realtek Audio chip. To change the setting;

    1, right click on the speaker (in the taskbar) and select playback devices,
    2, right click on the default device and select Properties
    3, select the Advanced tab,
    4, now select 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) in the Default Format drop-down,
    5, Click ok, run game,

  • Fighter Dave

    What was wrong with the joystick and keyboard set up as in the past X series games,instead of making the game harder by the set up as it is now. Egosoft seem to have missed the point in order to promote a game i9t’s go0t to be playable. Get your head out of the sand and listen to the customers.

  • dj-delixe

    never underestimate corporate greed as i did with Rome 2, on release day i said medieval 3 will be on the PSxBoxWhatever the F it is at the time & then what do i hear a few days ago about rome 2 > phone in hand > contact lens on eye > brain chip = 100 ? year process people queing up for many times around the block on the three occasions like ‘good’ little consumer addcits speaking of which you can blame a lot of this on people who pre order junk as they are truely a moron to give a corporation money before you even see or know anything other than hype about a product
    gold clap for pre orderers that then defy all logic & reason coming onthe interweb defending product that know are shite

  • dj-delixe

    golf ** clap ><
    & things have EVIDENTLY changed in this industry now you pay silly money for anything up to 50% or 2/3 of a game then wait for it to be finished 6 months or a year later lol & quite a lot of you expect it like 'good' little mugs
    then totally buy the "we are sorry we can't/couldnt…" bullshit & come on websites defending them. you must like people taking the piss out of you overcharging you for unfinished junk but dont come on here & demand we all accept it as well , now go & pre order your brain chip lol

  • OmicronLyrae Patrol Leader

    Haven’t played it yet, but the games from the X series usualy have a bit of depth and are not for the brain dead bam baam boom type of gamers. So if you don’t get the trading and command types just persevere and learn, there’s a 50% chance peeps are just screwing the commands up. And I’m saying this because rebirth got promoted a lot and perhaps attracted other types of players as well, the other titles were a bit more underground I guess, so the guys that went for them knew how to play these types of games. I’m willing to bet some bought it thinking it was something like EVE..

    • X3Lifer

      I have bought the entire collection i have been hooked on these games for over a decade, and when Rebirth came out i was one of the first retards who paid for it full price thinking it would be an amazing game who seriously moved up in the world as far as eye candy goes. And it did indeed it looks great but when a 3500$ Handbuilt gaming rig is having a hard time running a 7years old game, then you know theres something wrong, and as for the commands when the game was first released nothing was working… FPS was so bad you could barely stop yourself from smashing in to things. I enjoyed X3 up to Albion Prelude, i still play it to this day daily i am really enjoying it. This game is so bad that i broke the HDD i installed it in, simply because i didn’t have the physical copy to smash to pieces! I will never again pre order anything from Ego. Sad thing is this game had so much potential to become better than all the other games put together, if only they had taken a little time to iron out the bugs and not be pressured to release a broken game in Alpha phase, because this wasn’t even a BETA beta phase has no game breaking bugs left in it as far as i know. And yes i get it trust me i understand why they released the game in this state it’s all about money and they got their own bosses to answer 2. People who only think about money and not the damage a game like this can cause to the reputation of the game. But that still doesn’t mean they should be paid for it, so my point is don’t buy this game until at least mid 2014 or you will regret it… it has no plot and the only thing people bought the other X games for (Trading) is so broken that it makes freeplay worthless.