Egosoft apologises again for X Rebirth problems but are amazed at “success”

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It’s been a tough few days for Egosoft following the launch of X Rebirth and yesterday morning they issued some fix notes along with an apology for all the problems players have been experiencing.

Today Egosoft’s Director Bernd Lehahn tried to address the many, many problems players are having with the game and also issued a further apology to anyone who shelled out for X Rebirth.

“First, I would like to apologise to those of you who have had technical problems.”

Bernd then goes on to say that they’re “amazed” at the “huge success” of the game and  again apologises for the problems.

Secondly, I would like to say how amazed we all are here by the huge success of the game. Number one on Steam for several days in a row at this time of year when the big hitters come out… wow, we never expected that. It’s crazy to see that more than 10,000 people are playing our game at any one time on Steam (even more if you include those who are in offline mode). Madness!

These days the success of a game is obviously measured on sales and not on quality, which from a gamer’s perspective is a pretty sad state of affairs. It’s easy to ship a broken game, there’s been a few this year including Rome 2: Total War and Battlefield 4 to name a couple.

The list of problems with X Rebirth is long and it’s going to take a serious amount of man hours to fix things especially when you read comments like “we made no special attempt to optimise for fast PCs”. Really?

So what’s next for X Rebirth? Fixing is the order of the day and Bernd has issued a prioritised list.

1) Language bugs – the German Betty, french text and other problems will be fixed.

2) True crash bugs fixed. There are undeniably some program-related crashes, and we are are trying to sort these out by sending those who experience particularly large numbers of crashes special versions of the EXEs. From the feedback it seems that some people are affected much more frequently than others by crashes. At the beginning of the week we will build a group of new computers and will try to reproduce your problem PC (same motherboard, same GPU, etc.). Those of you who believe you are particularly badly affected (and no, it is NOT safe to use 32-bit Windows) should contact us at [email protected] for the special EXE.

3) AI bugs with trade ships (please make sure you are using the trade menu correctly before assuming you are affected by this bug).

4) Performance improvements: It seems ironic that most customers who are particularly dissatisfied with performance are those with the fastest computers. This may partly be because we made no special attempt to optimise for fast PCs. It even seems as though the most extreme high-end PCs barely have higher framerates than mid-range ones. We will be tackling this issue aggressively and will be stocking up on high end hardware for tests, to try out things like SLI and hex-core systems. Of course optimisations will also benefit other systems. Tips for configuration are in my post on the Steam forum and in the Egosoft Support forum.

5) Improvements for the near future: We will now begin to organise our plans and your wishes by priority. There are a few major development areas that are sure to take us into the beginning of 2014 for an update, and many small things that we would like to address as soon as possible. Here are just a few examples:

– Smalltalk on platforms: Once you unlock a reward you can ask for all the rewards we currently have already. If you ask for a good NPC you can further filter by job type. So you effectively find e.g the best pilot in your vicinity.

– NPC classes are to be clearly marked to make it clear who does what.

– Improved joystick support – there seem to be problems at the moment with joysticks. Some may not yet be configured in a satisfactory way (we’re working on it). There is also a suspicion that certain joysticks crash the game at startup when they are plugged in.

– Improved menus – feedback regard some menus which should be improved accordingly. What I hear most often at the moment are problems with managing the Trade Order list. This should be shown in every ship that is in your squad and can then be removed from the Info menu. There are also other improvements in various menus that will need to happen gradually over several updates.

– Shortcuts – currently veterans miss many hotkeys such as “T” for next target, Shift-“D” to dock, Shift-“R” for the property list, etc.

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  • Jaque

    Paul, not sure if you read these but it might be worth noting that while Bernd speaks good English, it isn’t his first language. Check out some of the pre-release Rebirth videos and you’ll hear some similar remarks that lack the intricacies of the implicit message behind the words used and as a result, sound jarring to the ears of a native speaker.

    The game is indeed buggy, but if you read his German posts, you’ll see he’s pretty plugged in to what’s happening. I would confidently make bet that when he used the word ‘success’ he wasn’t thinking of the word as such a blanket statement as English speakers do – if he was, then the acknowledgement of the bugs and the apology would not have been forthcoming as they are in conflict with the success message.

    Thanks for reading,

    • Paul Younger

      I am sure Bernd understands the success of the sales very well and I’m sure he’s upset at the problems but at the end of the day the game was released in a bad way which should is not acceptable to consumers. Videogames should not be exempt from quality control, you would not be happy if you purchased a car and and it only had three wheels with a promise of the fourth wheel being sent to you at some point in the future.

      I do sympathise with Egosoft to some extent but this is becoming an industry wide problem that needs to be addressed.

      • DudeMan

        If I had only spent $50 on that car, I wouldn’t complain too much about it not having all 4 wheels, just sayin’.

  • Chad S


    I kinda saw this one coming, when I found out it was DX9. I was pretty disappointed, and to make things worse the best reason I found out The reason was to support windows XP Based computers. Really? I forget the exact numbers here but most computers run vista or newer, and most of the computers that do run XP are in schools, or offices, that will never play games like this. What a poor choice, to limit a game to offer support to a very small market share.

    Lets talk about the bugs, The last few X games I have bought on release were COMPLETELY unplayable, or so buggie I put them down after some bug ruined game play. So the comments that this is a buggie is to be expected. The one that has made me put down this version is: the game crashed during a save and didn’t save and with NO AUTO SAVE I lost like 30 minutes of play!

    The game seemed to change alot of things: You fly oneship, have to hire ship staff, forced to walk station to purchase goods and hire staff, additon of ship bridge + removal of most short cuts, Highway “minigame” to find fastest lane in highway, the same 2 or 3 station layouts. The game got a few things right like the additon of the ship bridges, the game picked up action quickly, you dont seem fly around wandering as much as you did in the past, deploying drones is super easy and they work well.

    The problem here is they seemed to discarded convention altogether (ala windows 8) they changed to much and some features that people really liked, eg keyboard shortcuts, flying capital ships. PC gamers are about the newest hardware and greatest hardware you can get so not including support for DX 10 or 11, and not supporting 6 core CPU’s will ultimately alienate gamers, bugs will make them put it down, I have been playing this game since X2 and will pick it up after they fix the bugs but how many other gamers will.

    To comment on the Sad state of ego soft viewing there success of the game launch in terms of sales only, where have you been (respectfully)? Diablo 3’s cash auction house that they are now removing BTW, Intrusive DRM, internet connection being required to play. The whole PC gaming industry is worried looking at the console market (wich is growing) wich is a cash cow, with little pricy. Besides look at DLC’s at first they were great adding extra content but now there are some games that are incomplete without the DLC. Egosoft’s Failures are those the industry as a whole are making, just Egosoft’s X series is beloved, and they tampered with what people loved.

    It strikes me they are trying to make an online or multiplayer version of X (especially after reading the game save file), they did try to make the game easier to play, but didnt explain new features.

  • Pete B

    I entirely agree that the game is buggy, and certainly so compared to AAA titles. But something which I’m curious about is how is this title being compared to others in terms of other space sims? This is certainly the first major space sim in a while and while indie sims are getting better, they certainly have not offered the depth which X:Rebirth have offered yet making it accessible to the layman such as myself. At the end of the day, Egosoft wanted to make an accessible space sim whilst not isolating the ‘x-crowd’ although in this case is sounds that they have only achieved the former. I’m currently enjoying the game, but i’ve had to be persistent with the bugs, save regularly and figure out workarounds for the current problems. But at its heart, as Scott Manley has said, its’s still the best space sim on the market at the moment. I also heard yesterday that this was never meant to be an X4 and theres a chance they will be continuing the series again.

  • Paul Rone-Clarke

    My problem isn’t the bugs – It’s the dumbing down of a once great franchise.
    Yes – I know “Rebirth” as it’s nomenclature would suggest is going back to the beginning.
    But do we really have to go back to gameplay mechanics of XBTF – a 16 year old game and start the whole process of building up gameplay depth again?
    1 ship
    Poor limited trading options
    Arcade (rather than strategic) combat
    Empire building very limited

    All this in a GFX engine that is no better than X Albion Prelude

    Why not just admit that this is a dumbing down – appealing to the “arcade twitch” masses. That Egosoft would rather compete alongside Mass Effect 3 than Elite. Then we could make our buying decisions accordingly, and those of us who loved the depth of the previous game could keep playing them (they look just as good – have a lot more depth and play better – so why not?)

    Rebirth looks and feels like an atteempt at a console game. I have no idea if it really is – but that’s what it feels like.
    Never found a console game with anything like the depth of gameplay to appeal to me. Disgaea 3 was probably the closest – but even that was short by quite some way.

    Time to get Aurora out and give that a few hundred more hours alongside Albion Prelude, Starships Unlimited and wait for some of the other Indie games that still value gameplay over graphics

  • hyperspeed12

    I have been a fan of the X series since x-btf, then x2, skipped x3:reunion due to the crappy stuff, then went to X3: TC.

    Very great games throughout the years.
    NOW! X-rebirth *****sigh****nothing but a disappointment.

    1) Somebody at the top who came up with the console focus and pushed the devs for that really deserve to be given a public scolding and should be fully made accountable when its original and dedicated fans start turning sour.

    2) It should be fine to support 32-bit mode for the game (yes even with the limit of the 3-4GB on 32-bit systems). All it needs is some ingenuity in this area similar to X3tc. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS)

    3) after typing so far, i am at a loss of words now. (20+ of my friends who bought the game are now asking for refunds….they too are fans of x3tc but i dont think it will ever be the same for x-rebirth).

    Dear egosoft, good luck and godbless on the bad decisions and hopefully, in future, you would listen to your devs more and less on the management people who came up with this kind of market driven nonsense which ultimately led to this situation.


  • Arxerisdam

    well after playing the game and see this scam from egosoft is the last time i ever buy a game from them.
    i pay $64.99 for a game that wasnt even finnish.

    Usually in this kind of sim games plots arent very important usually games companys dont put to much work on this because the simulation and all that stuff is what really matters.

    But to say that you were developing a game for the last 7 years and you release a game like this, is trying to laugh at the face of custumers.

    the wasy way to know how bad this game was made is simply the performance and the frames per second when you play, to say the true when you spend more than $4000 in a pc rig you expect the machine can run any program you trow at it, but playing a game that doesnt rise from 30 fps (if you lucky) because they didnt put any interest in high ends pc’s, is just a mockery.

    what i see is a company release a half made game to simply fill they pockets and abusing they fan base and squeeze their money.

    to say the true in this economy buying games like this its trowing money to the trash.

  • ElectricEye

    I should read better. I bought the game before i realized it wont play on my 32bit system. very LAME. wish I could get a refund. hopefully can recoup most of it reselling on ebay but with all the bugs I doubt that

  • Billybob

    Chad S, you state that the reason the game is built to support DX9 is so that it would support Windows XP based computers. But how many people really run a 64-bit version of Windows XP ?? Surely there would be a minimal potential client base running that.

  • Jeff

    What’s great about PCs is that games CAN be built to run on low and high end machines. Seems a lot of elitists on some other forums about you’re in the dust if not 64 bit already. I too bought without a thought this was 64 only – look at all the incredible NEW games that span the OS, 32 and 64. Why on earth did a space explorer need to go 64? I don’t know if it’s possible, but I hope X Rebirth devs can release a mod that makes this playable on 32 bit… I’m not buying a new computer for one game. Deepsilvers’ own sight still posts Additional Notes: These specs are still being determined which implies not all specs were final…

  • Ronny

    And if you were asked for $30k for a game, you wouldn’t buy it at all, regardless of how many bugs it had. Games are not cars. Just sayin’.

    If a car costs $25K, that’s about normal for a car and you anticipate that it will be drivable, safe and reasonably attractive. If a game costs $50, that’s about normal for a game, so you expect it will be reasonably playable, including having few enough bugs that gameplay will not be adversely affected.

    Egosoft has a history of releasing buggy games and patching them into playable gems, but they should have learned by now.

  • Ben

    Very, very, very disappointing. After a wait then another wait and then guess what, further announcements of delay! I thought that all this delay meant that we would be seeing something great, especially after the great game-play of the previous versions.
    The game-play is really bad, the view out the window may look good but the cockpit is awful and walking around the stations is a bit of a joke. Why would anyone think this was somehow better?
    If you haven’t already wasted your money, then don’t bother, wait for Elite Dangerous…

  • mark

    i shelled out forty nine quid for this pile of shit.you can ram your apology right up your arse,you lot at egosoft should get the fucking sack i email’d steam as well as egosoft asking for my money back,and both companies ignored the mail i sent. so you have showen your true colour’s. your a bunch of corporate whores, of the same calaber as governmnets. pure scumbags i’ll tell you this, if i ever got the chance of bumping into any of you pricks, i would knee cap you and rip your fucking jaw wide open.i have mates i grew up with and some are harden criminals i don’t agree with the path they walk but if you rob the little guy they would fucking waste you cunts.dont sell damaged good then come out with piss poor excuses and expect to get away with it.folks work dam hard for there money, and it’s bad enough having criminal governments shafting people of there candy floss, without adding bellends like you lot into the mix.egosoft go fuck yourselfs