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Elite: Dangerous E3 trailer boasts 400 billion star systems

elite dangerous

Great, now I’ll have docking nightmares. Thanks a lot David Braben.

I wasn’t really expecting an E3 2014 trailer for Elite: Dangerous from Frontier Developments, so this is a pleasant surprise. It’s a bit of a “look how massive we are” video, talking of 400 billion star systems and “infinite freedom.”

There’s a spot of space station landing (expertly handled, or he’s using a docking computer,) followed by a bit of in-hanger ship ogling. Then after a nifty station departure it’s time for a look at one of the galaxy clusters that contribute to that quite silly number of star systems. After that, there are shots of some space combat, a bit of cargo claiming in an asteroid field and the soothing up-tick of an in-game Elite: Dangerous bank account.

Sound design seems to be pretty terrific too. Listen out for the excellent “thunk” of cargo pod against the ship’s hull towards the latter third of the video.

Elite: Dangerous is currently in a limited (as in: you have to pay for it) beta. It should be released later this year on PC.

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  • lazerbeak

    ” Dangerous is currently in a limited beta.” I seriously doubt it is since they have a premium beta which costs a HUNDRED pounds, so no way are they going let people into a free one surely?

    • Peter Parrish

      It’s limited by the fact that you have to pay a load of money for it!

  • lazerbeak

    I should add they also have a standard beta which is 50 pounds

  • lazerbeak

    oooh “The Standard Beta will be available once the Premium Beta phase is completed. By taking part in Beta you will have the opportunity for you to play, test and feedback to us.” sweet… when?

  • lazerbeak

    Ahh sorry Peter I misunderstand what you meant.

    This probably a bit naive and lefty but I really like the fact their milking people with this whole premium beta crap.

    From what I read on the site, the standard beta doesnt get access to multiplayer and the premium does.

    Do they really need to make money this way?, this game is going to be massive they will make loads of money anyway.

    Again probably naive…this whole monetizing of betas is pretty irritating and I guessing isn’t good for the beta process.

    Rather carefully screening people to find people who might be useful to help with issues with the game.

    You end up with loads of people demanding working content, many with zero communication skills and zero interest in helping the game.

    Sorry for the rant but I feel quite strongly on this issue.

    • Peter Parrish

      I think the reason they kept the prices so high was because they match the original Kickstarter reward levels. You had to back the Kickstarter at 200 quid (or whatever it was) to get beta access.

      They kept that price level the same so that people who backed during the Kickstarter didn’t think “hey, how come these people are now getting it cheaper than I did?”

      That was probably the right decision (maybe?), but removed of that Kickstarter context it does leave the “premium” beta looking extremely expensive.

    • Switch

      I’d usually agree with the whole monetization around both beta’s and DLC, I’ve boycotted EA for that, but in this case.. I’ve bought into this Beta, and it’s the only one I ever will. I’ve been following David Braben’s games career since I first played Elite as an 11 year old some 30 years ago(I spent a fair amount of time on Zarch too). I decided to pay out the money to not only have a chance to see it, but also get any future Expansions for free. If the same logic can be applied to any future expansions(the idea of someone with a great level of ability tackling huge scale FPS really appeals to me), then I think it’ll be money well spent; If the expansions never reach fruition due to it being technically impossible, I’ll have given £100 to a bloke that I classed as a hero through my life, having filled my early years with the chance to fight Thargoids instead of Pac Mans ghosts!

  • lazerbeak

    Fair enough Switch Im pretty stoked about this game too.

    But you can understand not everyone feels as strongly as you, to me 100 pounds is far too much. I mean thats a lot of money like half a weekly wage for a lot of people, again probably a little bit lefty but the whole thing seems like a financial hierarchical system I don’t like.

    Peter your point makes sense (you’re far less cynical than me :D), but IMHO if you paid for the kickstarter it shouldn’t really bother you that other people are accessing the beta at a lower cost than your kickstarter contribution.

    Since you still have the warm glow from being a founder of the game, and again IMHO there should been a bit more to your decision to back the kickstarter than a rather expensive exclusive access to the game.

    Its bit like a member of the club complaining about other people joining years later, because the membership fees have decreased.

  • Gandal

    I personally kicked out the money for the Premium Beta. Elite: Dangerous is funded by the public (Thus the Kickstarter). The money for the Alpha, Premium Beta, and Standard Beta is put into the development of the game since this doesn’t have a game publisher backing… because the game will not end in development once it is released. I can understand not wanting to pay into betas for one of these big companies like EA, because they have the money to back it themselves, but I will gladly shill out the cash for this game to be developed… since it is a game I quite enjoyed as a kid.

    I’ll also note that the Standard Beta will have access to multi-player once the Premium Beta phase ends. I’m quite enjoying seeing the game develop… and it might not be to everyones tastes to pay out the price to be in the Beta. I personally wish I would stumbled on it and been there for the Alpha Kickstarter, because as enjoyable as this was on a 22k system back in 1984. I truly can’t image the level they can take it to now.

  • lazerbeak

    thanks Gandal great post very reassuring, if I had the cash I would be tempted to join my self now.

    • Gandal

      NP Lazerbeak. I can tell you that this game is gonna be awesome. The reason the original game in 84′ made so much is because they basically had the full game before they went to a publisher with it. They actually got turned down at one of the largest game publishers at the time (because it just didn’t fit into what they considered to be the money making genres at the time)… and a small publisher picked it up and it changed gaming forever.

      Although a game publisher funds a game they will also push for release and restrict it in other ways which sometimes destroys the game of the dreamer. Although David Braben might have a tougher boss to please… his backers… the public. I also think it is quite cool that Chris Roberts the creator of the upcoming Star Citizen is also a supporter of the game. I do think David Braben is doing this right though and not trying to push it too quickly for release. It does make the public restless, but in the end you will hopefully end up with something you and everyone else will be damn proud of.

  • Paul Younger

    It’s still steep though for access. Look at Star Citizen, I chipped in around 40 quid I think for that and have access to the lot which I think is reasonable. I have only ever backed one game for over 100 quid and I do actually regret doing that now because a publisher came in anyway so it was always going to be made. Turned out not to be quite as indie as was led to believe.

    • Gandal

      Thing about Star Citizen is they are in a better area to generate backing. For some reason the UK isn’t the greatest place to generate backing. Star Citizen has generated over 43 million USD from backers. They could damn near kick back on a beach and toss the game out for free on release.

      Although Frontier has generated a nice budget (for ED) it’s still only a fraction of what SC has… and basically in SC you still have to kick out a good amount of cash to get the full experience (such as purchasing upgraded ships). It does look a bit “pricey” to purchase the Premium beta, but there is a good deal of perks in it… and you will get all future expansions for free. Plus you can earn all in-game ships just like anyone else. If your a WoW player you know that the price of expansions can get more pricey then the price of the beta. Plus the Standard Beta will only be half the price of the premium. Yes it is a way to generate money, because you will get the players who can afford it first while the others have to kick back and wait, but can you blame anyone for trying to generate the cash to make something even bigger then what his original dream was?

  • This was my fav game back in the day.. One of the best IMHO – however; I just do not believe that there will be a legendary backing to pay into this game.. Simply because, games such as this have a much greater chance of sales/revenue on the backend rather than the front end. Publishers that try to gain revenues by high prices; may get some – but nothing compared to publishers that make a game affordable to everyone. Guild wars for example – buy the game at good price – free servers.. They sold multi-millions in revenue because they made it affordable to everyone.. If you want the extras – such as elite ships , licenses, etc.. well – why not pull revenues from that rather than the box price?

    Any great idea, with or without solid baking from a big name — will sell. But anyone that thinks people should foot that bill – will find less of an audience than anticipated.

    • Gandal

      I’m lost here… The price ATM is for Alpha/Beta backers. It is actually just come out of Alpha phase. The price for it… is not the box price. That will run around $50 USD (I believe). So it will be affordable for anyone. Guild wars did make millions upon release… and apparently didn’t have a good Alpha/beta phase because most players have it collecting dust now-a-days since the spectacle release glimmer was short lived. If this game ever decides to go with the pay for “neat toys” route… it will quickly find my junk list. Since IMHO it destroys the balance of a game and puts the developers in more of a greed frenzy then anything else. Which focuses more on how they can milk more cash out of the players pocket over making the game the best it can be.

  • lazerbeak

    Interesting comment F2P can be great but implemented badly it can be a nightmare.
    Personally I didn’t like it when Team Fortress went F2P I found all the hats weird weapons, massive inventory of items, frustrating and distracting and stopped playing. It was a great simple game ruined by greed.
    ” If you want the extras – such as elite ships” that would be “pay to win” which I hate with a passion, IMHO the free to play model should used for things other than competitive advantage, otherwise it unbalances the game, personally I don’t want to pay for a advantage others don’t have have its lame.