Even more evidence for GTA V on PC, this time from the iFruit app

gta 5 pc - 5

It probably won’t look like this. Although you never know.

Ok Rockstar, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA V are out of the door. You’ve got all of your pre-order cash. It’s time to confess all about the PC version. I mean, it’s not like it’s much of a secret at this point, is it? A couple of days ago there were PC references found in the 360 code, and now there are even more in Rockstar’s companion ‘iFruit’ app for the game.

A reader of CinemaBlend named Leon Lien dug them out and shared a few bits and pieces (pictures of files and icons, mostly) over twitter. Apparently, if the iFruit app is extracted with 7Zip and the PNG image files run through something like FixPNG (all of which is pretty plausible, I did a similar thing with the Europa Universalis IV files,) further references to a PC version of the game pop up all over the place. There are renditions, for example, of a PC version of the manual.

So, unless Rockstar are embarking on a massive trolling campaign, were working on a PC version but then stopped, or are doing that thing some crazy people believe where God leaves dinosaur fossils around the place to trick people into believing that dinosaurs existed, then it does seem as if a real PC release for the game is coming. At some point. Probably.

Interestingly, CinemaBlend claim to have received at least one major legal threat from Rockstar’s goon squad of lawyers over stories relating to a PC version (probably because a lot of it involves digging around in code.) Hopefully Mr. Lien won’t need to go into hiding.

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  • Rushster

    Really Rockstar just get on with it.

  • nasarius

    I’m pretty sure it’s Satan who planted all those dinosaur bones.

    Rockstar has been doing this since GTA3, right? Pretend the PC version doesn’t exist, then release it about six months after the console. I guess they think it helps with sales, but it is a bit silly.

  • Widukind

    I just hope they won’t fuck up the pc port as bad as they did the GTA IV one. That game was clunky to control on the pc and very badly optimized.

  • Dani

    Yeah because the consolers who are signin’ for the petition of not releasing it on pc, they are saying we dont deserve the pc version because we hated the poorly done GTA IV on PC, that’s not our foult it’s Rockstar’s, f*cking console fanboys… (sorry english, but f*ck you in all languages if you think like that)

  • Classiccarman

    Why doesn’t someone try an Xbox 360 Emulator on their PC and see if GTA V Xbox version will run on it ? I understand you need an Xbox blueray player and Bios copy to run it but could you obtain this from a broken Xbox 360?

    • Bacon

      Because there are no real PS3 or Xbox 360 emulators.

  • PMDoyle

    I just read a petition which is trying to stop GTA 5 from coming to PC as the fellow who started the petition says all PC owners are thieves. The petition was at 110000 signatures? Talk about painting everyone with the same brush…

  • PMDoyle

    http://www.change.org/GTAV has a petition to encourage Rock Star games to put out a PC version. I has over 500,000 signatures so far. Please sign

    • Spoonydrip

      You do know that Rockstar will release a PC version of the game anyway, you don’t need to go through all that effort lol

  • subir

    5 Things you need to know about GTA 5 http://bit.ly/1dO7MTv