Fallout 4 clues abound on thesurvivor2299.com

Fallout vaultboys

Yes, it can-can-can be true.

Update: A European trademark has now also been filed.

A new website, thesurvivor2299.com, registered to ZeniMax has been spotted online by the perpetually web-combing eyes of Reddit. There are clues galore that this site relates to a forthcoming Fallout announcement (most likely Fallout 4, or whatever they end up calling it.)

Let us go over the relevant hints:

  • Registered to ZeniMax (publishers of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.)
  • The date 2299 would place the game around 15-20 years after the events of New Vegas (while Fallout 3 was late 2270s.)
  • As figured out by Reddit, the Morse code playing on the page spells out 11.12.13. Since 12 November has already passed, that’s probably referring to the European style date system and saying 11 December. The Spike Video Game Awards always air in mid-December, so that may well be when this project is revealed more fully.
  • The site contains a script called fallout.js (again, thanks to Reddit for that one.)

Rather convincing stuff, there. Now, hopefully it really is a proper Fallout sequel and not an iPhone game/free to play MMO/terrible MOBA. I’d love another Fallout game developed by Obsidian, but since they’re busy doing South Park and Project Eternity it’ll probably be Bethesda doing the honours again.

Update: The site now has an actual countdown on it, corresponding to the 11 December as a reveal date. Our excellent commentators have also pointed out further clues found within the site’s code, such as mp3 radio clips named after Bridgeport, CT and Fall River, MA and links to hidden images pointing at prepareforthefuture.com (which redirects to the official Fallout site.)

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  • sorudo

    there has bin plenty of talk about a fallout online, the info that’s known is quite outdated and they were quiet for a long whole about that.
    so it’s ether fallout 4 or fallout online, time will tell.

    • Kelicon

      They already announced that Fallout Online was axed. Which sucks cause to be fair, I would rather have that than ESO. But yeah, definitely Fallout 4. There goes the last of what is known of my life…

  • Share_Needles

    Also within the Script is:

    Being from New England, Bridgeport,CT and Fall River, MA are both in my neck of the woods which is where the next Fallout 4 has been speculated to take place. Could the radio stations in Fallout 4 be located in these towns? Possibly.

    Although I did find it out on my own, I did not find it first, someone on reddit beat me to the punch! Blast!

    • Peter Parrish

      Well you were the first to tell us about it – that’s some interesting extra information, thanks!

  • bob

    also, the font of the numbers written there matches that of the Vault jumpsuits.

  • benirose

    The site has a fallout.css, not a fallout.js. It does however have this comment above the audio clip:

    So I would imagine that 11/12/13 is December 11th.

    Also, there’s Javascript code for an age verifier that doesn’t seem to be in use on the site. Not sure what that might mean.

    Lastly, the Javscript file for the countdown timer is bscountdown…possibly for Bethesda Softworks?

    • benirose

      Whoops, the comment got removed from my post:

      1 Message DD/MM/YYYY For European and American sites

      So I would imagine that 11/12/13 is December 11th.

  • Rant In A-Minor

    This is a long-shot, but the timing is interesting. The link below is from the US Patents and Trademarks Office and appears to show an application filed in January, published for opposition in October, for “Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world”.


    We know there has been talk in the past of a Fallout movie (the USPTO has a filing for that too from a few years ago), and this is a massive piece of wishful thinking, but … could they be about to announce or tease a “Fallout” TV show?

    I guess we’ll find out in just over 3 weeks 🙂

  • Eva

    In the source code there’s also a series of links to hidden images from the prepareforthefuture.com website (eg. http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_bk_wads_atheneum.png)

    These links redirect to the Fallout website 😀

  • Mullard85

    There is also a youtube video link which leads to Bethesdas youtube channel!!!!

  • KattAnira

    Ok, I’ve been waiting for something like this to pop up for MONTHS now. This has to be it! Bethesda has a thing for fancy dates and making something big about their announcement. This HAS TO BE IT! I AM SO THRILLED RIGHT NOW!!!

  • clampdown

    Comin’ to ya LIVE from the middle of the D.C. hell-hole! (Or is it Boston this time around :D)

  • fireryone

    please be true, hints are strongly in favor of a yes.

    (well it says Fallout)

    (bs = Bethesda Softworks?)

    (Fallout 3 font file)
    ref: http://fallout.answers.wikia.com/wiki/What_is_the_Fallout_3_font

  • talonscar

    Now one of the audio links in the source code is for Hanscom AFB

  • BadREC0N

    I don’t know if this is going to crush peoples’ dreams but I’ve looked more into the source code for the website and found this: @author Krzysztof Furtak http://krzysztof-furtak.pl/n
    I looked up the name Krzysztof Furtak and found that its the name of a web designer from the ukraine or something like that. I hope that this guy is in some way in it with Bethesda or else this may mean that this guy just made the website as a spoof.

  • BadREC0N


    If you go to that link and look towards the bottom of the page it shows that he uses a countoun timer jQuery plugin called “KK Countdown” and if you look in the source code for the website you will see that there are plugins called KKCountdown. This is really a big sign that this site may be a spoof.

  • BadREC0N

    Ah. Nevermind! I’ve seen that the kkcountdown jQuery plugin was licensed under a public license to the maker of the website. So I guess what I said before is irrelevant. The @author was just a line that is giving credit to the author of the jQuery plugin who is the Krzystof guy.

  • Christian

    i just realized fallout 3 – the long wanderer
    fallout new vegas – the courier
    fallout 4 – the survivor ?
    and they updated the site now on the left we have the beautifull vault-tec sign

  • Damon

    counting down at the moment, 23 hours left…? but until what?

    • Peter Parrish

      There’s also a 25, which is days (counting to 11 December.)

    • clampdown

      Until the Enclave return…

  • Millerliteboy

    If this isn’t a spoof (I really REALLY hope it isn’t)… with the European date style countdown… because it’s possibly in New England …. what if it was a “New” England as in England took over Maine, Mass, CT…etc…

  • Duck

    does no one know what the Morse code says?