Fallout 4 being made? Leaked scripts suggest it’s coming

fallout 4

Just when you thought all the Fallout 4 rumours and speculation was over following the survivor2299 site hoax, something new surfaces.

This rumour appears to be a little more tangible as it appears some leaked scripts turned up at Kotaku a couple of weeks ago that indicate a Boston setting for what is believed to be the next Fallout title.

The documents come from a casting call which was codenamed Institute and includes character descriptions, even though the word Fallout is not mentioned in the script documents. Apparently the casting director has also worked on other Bethesda titles such as Dishonored and Skyrim.

There are plenty of references in the script that indicate that this is a Fallout game such as the “Commonwealth” and also the opening dialogue which describes how the world has run short on major resources and the “entire world unravelled”. It also says “We now stand on the brink of total war” ending with the line “It’s that war –  war never change”.

As there’s no reference to the name Fallout 4  in the documents it remains to be seen whether the Bethesda will actually call the game that or something entirely different.

There were hints at casting way back in January of this year when Three Dog voice actor Erik Delums posted a tease on his Twitter aimed squarely at Fallout fans.

After being burned over the whole survivor2299 site, the Fallout 4 community remains cautious. Perhaps Bethesda should just come clean and stop the hype machine from sprilling out of control once again.

Tunnel snakes rule!

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  • Peter Parrish

    Oh man, not again.

  • clampdown

    thescriptwriter2289.com is coming.

  • unclecid

    commonwealth could also hint at it taking place in Kentucky, Virginia or Pennsylvania..the other Commonwealth States.

  • Feannag

    Is it just coincidence that the article went up on the day and time that survivor2299’s timer would have run out?

    • sorudo

      if this just came in then no, it was suppose to run out on the 10th, it’s 2 day’s later.

  • Jacob

    Add Muiltiplayer it will be even better

    • James

      they can’t they don’t own the rights to a fallout online game, they sold it to Interplay, then when bethesda won it back (in court) interplay re-opened the case and won it indefinitely.