Fallout 4 teaser site updates Morse code for 26 November

Vault Boy Fallout

Feeling lucky about the validity of this Fallout ARG?

More changes at thesurvivor2299.com today, with the introduction of yet another Morse code. This one is named ‘Hanscom.mp3’ which just so happens to be the name of an Air Force base in Massachusetts (where rumours persist that Fallout 4 will be based.)

It only went up about half an hour ago at the time of writing, so this is an early translation based on the work (as ever) of r/Fallout. I’m not sure anybody has the definitive translation down yet, but the message reads as follows:

tw0730 on cq cq cq de vt 2510730 one six emrg vt shlt fer surv qbn nr 119 ii emrg vt shlt fer surv qbn nr 119 k

The most convincing reading of this appears to be:

Calling any station / Calling any station / Calling any station / this is vt 2510730 / one six / emergency vt (vault?) shelter for survivors / Quabbin Basin / Number 119 / I repeat / emergency vt shelter for survivors / Quabbin Basin / Number 119 / Over

The “vt 2510730” is a bit strange, as is the return of “one six” which was in a previous message as well. “Number 119” could, one presumes, refer to a vault number, possibly a number of survivors, or even a highway (numbered 119) in Massachusetts. Quabbin Basin, as before, is a reservoir in MA.

Here’s the sequence of events thus far. Again, this has not been officially confirmed as a Fallout 4 campaign, but it’s either that or a very elaborate hoax.

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  • Alex MS UK

    119 was mentioned in the site’s “VT137-7042299-V119BST: PERMISSION DENIED BY OVERSEER.” message. I think it’s a vault.
    Also, there’s a date in that message: “7/04/2299” this could either be the fourth of July 2299 or the seventh of April 2299. We know the site is called thesurvivor>2299< which is 22 years after FALLOUT 3.

    • Mr. Crumpets

      Give this man a cookie!

      But seriously, dude, well done. It took some kick-ass brains to figure that out. I’m so excited now. Ty, dude. Ty.

  • Maggot


    If you look at the Registrant Organization you’ll see its a familiar company that owns that site… ZeniMax Media Inc

    So this rumor is looking good

  • Munk

    I where looking at the message alex MS UK put here and i thought sometime about it, and figures VT proberly where a vaulet tec lab, so i hit up vaulet tec labs, and foud out that there is a lab numbers 137

    so basicly this could be:
    VT137 = VauletTec Lab 137
    7042299 = 7/04/2299 or 04/7/2099 (as alex said)
    VT119BST = Vaulet 119 Boston