Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

January 5, 2015

Ubisoft poll includes some outlandish future Far Cry ideas

What should be the next Far Cry game? Some of these Ubisoft’s suggestions are just weird. In a poll which has been issued by Ubisoft, and revealed by Eurogamer this morning, Ubisoft are throwing around ideas…

April 11, 2014

Uplay Spring Sale offers discounts on lots of games

Do you want 25% off Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag? 40% off Rocksmith 2014? 33% off Might & Magic X: Legacy? 50% off Batman: Arkham Origins? Ubisoft have you covered. Uplay has opened up a…

April 30, 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

In order to understand Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon you need to know that its creators went out of their way to license a song from the film Miami Connection, a production self-described as follows:…

April 9, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon leakage hits intertubes

Remember 1 April when UbiSoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon site popped up and everyone thought it was some sort of weird joke? As it transpired the game is in fact real and there’s been…