Firaxis game announcement coming on 12 April

firaxis (2)

That’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

Strategy game developer Firaxis will be revealing a new title at their PAX East panel this Saturday. How do I know that? Because the 2K blog says so. It was a bit of a giveaway, really.

The panel in question will begin at 11.30am (presumably East Coast time,) which means 9.30am Pacific or 5.30pm in the UK. That’s the starting time of course, so unless they open with the game reveal it’ll probably be a short while before they get around to actually announcing it.

Some of the PAX East panels are being streamed over the internet, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case for this one. In order to see the announcement happen in real time, it seems like you’ll actually have to be there in the audience. Still, I’m sure it’ll be on twitter within about 12 seconds.

So, speculation time. The 2K blog promotion says this will be an “AAA” title, which tends to just be a code word for a big budget. It’s Firaxis, so a PC version is about as close to guaranteed as you can get. A new Civilization is not entirely out of the question, and XCOM still has some uncharted territory to revisit with Terror from the Deep.

Or, it could be the mystery third option. A new idea and a new series entirely. Chances are it’ll be strategy focused though. If not, that really would be a surprise reveal.

The panel blurb states that the event “promises to give attendees an exciting sneak peek at the latest Firaxis Games project [and] a special announcement,” so in fact there may actually be two things to listen out for.

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  • SLowrAM

    I’m in the minority, but I prefer Civilization Revolution to the newer Civilization games. I hope it’s Civilization Revolution 2 with a pc version, sure wish they would port Civ Rev to pc with some enhanced AI as I’d be playing that a ton. Strongly doubt that will be the case though. Whatever it is I expect it to be an enjoyable strategy game. If I were making a guess (vs. wish) I’d be betting on underwater xcom.

    • Llama8

      Wouldn’t that just be Civ5? Looks to me like the main differences are the UI, the graphics are more cartoony & the map looks like it goes spherical when you zoom out.

  • Tim McDonald

    It’s going to be a BioShock game.

    More seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised by XCOM: Horror from the Abyss. Calling it AAA makes me think that whatever it is will probably be multiplatform, but I guess Civilization wouldn’t be out of the question.

    As for Civ Revolution – the big differences were that CivRev was faster-paced and simpler. It wasn’t as sprawling or in-depth as the PC Civ games, and it was quicker and more immediate as a result. It’s sort of… Civilization Lite, I guess? Although “Lite” does it a disservice, because it’s still an immensely clever and strategic game.