First Diablo 3 “Ask the Devs” surfaces with negative community reactions

Diablo 3

You may remember that last month Blizzard invited the community to post questions for the Diablo 3 developers regarding the v1.0.7 patch update. At the time it was obvious that the community wanted to get some full answers to questions on issues that have been bogging the game down but frustratingly Blizzard decided to keep the questions focused on this next patch, which is actually on the public test servers for everyone to play anyway.

Nevertheless, the community was relatively pleased to at least have the ear of the development team, even if the answers were not going to include any comments on pressing issues such as the long-running itemisation problems.

The answers from the development team have now been released and sadly there wasn’t much substance to what came back. Split into topics such as brawling, classes, gems and new crafted items, some of the responses seemed a little perplexing. What is quite apparent is the development team still appear have their head firmly stuck in the sand on some issues, especially on PvP which was a huge back-track on their previous Diablo 3 PvP plans.

What seems have rubbed a lot of players up the wrong way is the language used in the responses, and reading some of the responses. I have to agree that Blizzard need to stop treating the Diablo 3 players as if they are all 12 years old, even if a lot of the players on the official forums can act like it sometimes. Here’s an example on how not keep the community engaged…

“If not, there are so, so many demons to slay and, really, they have totally been asking for it. Especially Heralds of Pestilence—those guys are jerks”

The developer Q&A series is a good idea but the community is actually looking for answers on more pressing issues, but without a game director following Jay Wilson’s departure, there’s unlikely to be any huge game changing announcements any time soon

Read the full Q&A responses on Diablo: IncGamers.



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  • CG

    This corporate PR stuff that the D3 team is pulling off is complete and total disrespect to their players. It’s like dating. You aren’t really paying attention to what the other person is saying, but at least you can regurgitate what they said and at least appear like you were paying attention; but alas Blizzard’s D3 team lacks even this. Hey Blizzard’s D3 team, if you’re reading this, brush up on your dating skills because your players are about to leave you.

  • max

    They spent a lot of time answering the same question is multiple ways.

    I don’t like this childish language they use to distract the reader. Like these examples

    “..brawling is a simple, straightforward way to knock your friends and/or enemies into next week.”

    “.. the satisfaction of seeing your enemies (and…well… friends, I guess) driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their followers. What more does one need?”

    They must think by playing the humour card, distracting the reader with fighting talk the reader is too simple to notice and will forget they were unimpressed and complaining about pvp.

    I like the crafting and skill changes in 107. They are taking the game in the right direction.

    I am not that interested in pvp anyway (Diablo is a pve game to me) but the language and tactic they are using to win people over to it was interesting (and irritating).

  • blackcloth

    The diablo community has a large contingency of whinging brats. Agreed, there were mistakes made in the game but for fuck sake some of these people have played hundreds of hours and they are still bitching because 300 hours for a 60 buck game is poor.

  • Guy

    I had the D3 website bookmarked for years before the game was actually released. Then the release came… and I’m so glad I didn’t buy it. It’s now almost one year later and I’m still reading news of Blizzard handling things badly. I certainly won’t be closely watching the development progress of their next title, if I watch at all.