First screenshots from The Sims 4 show user interface, body modification

The ever-watchful eyes of NeoGaf have spotted a whole load of images from The Sims 4 being posted at Portuguese-language site thesimsstyle.net. Embargoes may well have been broken here, but the Sims 4 screenshot cat is now very much out of the colourful, collectable bag.

In the shots, you can get a first look at the game’s user interface.

thesims4 (1)

“Hello, I am the user interface for The Sims 4. I’m quite busy.”

And a bit of body customisation.

thesims4 (7)

It’s not quite Saints Row, but it’s getting there.

The rest are images of various activities (eating, playing the violin, contemplating life’s crippling sense of ennui) and a few exterior shots of homes in various stages of daylight. Still, it’s not a bad indication of how the game will look on release in 2014.

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  • I want better graphics

    I don t like the new animation… It looks like the sims 2 (better but very similiar). I want a sims 4 with better graphics than the sims 3, not worse. Sorry for my bad english. (I like the idea of more sentimental sims, is more realistic, so why not make more realistic sims in the graphics?)

    • No..

      Why would you want that…then it just wouldn’t be “sims”. I for one like it since its a bit more cartoony and seems a lot more fun. I enjoy the sims looking cartoony in a way. Nothing a little CC cant fix. But sorry to say your not getting a more realistic game…Imagine how boring that would be. If you want something more realistic, try real life.

  • Naaria

    Games aren’t just about GRAPHICS. Are you ignoring the fact that we can absolutely and completely customize pretty much everything about our Sims? How about the fact that the lots are extremely detailed, smooth and vibrant? That takes processing power, and it takes a lot of memory. If you were to have the “better” graphics as you request as well as the amount of customization that it seems like Sims 4 will have, not only will many people with old or slow computers not be able to play, but even those with higher end computers will suffer.

    Personally, I thought Sims 2 graphics were superior to Sims 3 in the way they flowed together. In Sims 3 everything looked out of place, even if the polygon count was higher or the graphics were “better” in ways ( they weren’t, in my opinion. Everyone looked so awkward and flat ). In these screenshots and in Sims 2, everything flowed well and meshed well together. To me, that is what makes good graphics. Not necessarily the realism, but the flow. If they made more realistic graphics with less customization options, with nearly the exact same gameplay as the past Sims, would you ever even consider buying this game? I wouldn’t. It’d be a waste of time and money. But these screenshots are really making me excited for Sims 4. I will literally have no qualms about uninstalling and stowing away Sims 3 for the rest of my life.

    As a side note, I’m currently replaying FF7 on the PSX and other than the obvious proportion problems, the graphics are absolutely stunning, especially in the cinematics. Especially since FF7 came out in 1997, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. Everything fits together beautifully. There’s nothing overly flashy or overly overdone just to make it look “real”. I’d choose FF7 graphics over a game with “realistic” and stupid looking graphics and stupid shadowing like Mass Effect 3 any day.

    • syafickix

      well,but since this is supposed to be a game that follows with next-gen technology, i think they should think about the graphics as well cause sims 3 graphics are really nice and the face details are better than this. well maybe the cartoony graphics are nice as well, but at least the environment texture sizes should be more bigger so the place will look soooo sharp and smooth, i mean, people waiting for this game for years and i’ll be utterly disappointed if this would just be like sims 2 with neighbors, and the mood bars or the menu bar looks extremely awful (it’s looks like an iphone app window to me -__-“), and when they make an announcement for sims 4, so many people around the world makes so many request and the most demanding request is the graphics and animation in every part of the sim body.

      well thats just my opinion. but since it’ll be released on mid 2014, we’ll just wait how they’ll make this game spectacular.

    • syafickix

      oh wait! but i take back a bit of what i said earlier! looking at another screen shot from another web, i see what EA is trying to make. and about the texture, turns out it was pretty nice(but still, the environment needs more fixing). and i think EA make the sim looks so simple so that people can make awesome CC’s! cause i just looked at the front face modifying screenshot and it is easier for people to make CC. but with nicer texture O_O

    • JJ

      dual gtx770’s.. i welcome better graphics… now i for one wanted better graphics.. not necessarily human looking models.. but more detail… something more along the lines like.. better grass.. instead of flat textures.

    • skye

      but these are leaked “images”. therefore it’s automatic to look at the graphics quality, and their looks. and from the pics here, it’s quite not good. it looks somewhere between sims 2 and 3. and the faces look like… rapunzel and flynn from tangled. is that even the trend today? i think not. i really hope the next pics are good news.

  • Els

    Can we keep in mind this game is still in heavy development? These graphics are by no means finalized.

  • Dai

    I think this game looks really promising. I do think it’s a step backward in graphics (although I actually like the cartoony look of it), but gameplay looks like it’s going to be fun, and it will probably load much faster on computers. From what I can tell, the towns the Sims are living in look very cool. I heard on other sites that EA/Maxis hinted about being able to change the height of your Sims in addition to all the other body options, so if that’s true that would be a very cool feature. I’m just hoping for this game that more people will create custom content. Back when The Sims 2 was more popular, before The Sims 3, people created way more custom content (then they do now, that is) so you could really customize your Sims look with unique hairstyles, clothing, skin, etc. I’m hoping EA/Maxis will make it easier this time around for custom content creators so more people can mod than were able to in The Sims 3.
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to it.

  • a

    I dont like the graphics. To me the sims 3 had the best graphics and the cartoony look makes it look like an online game. It should be more detailed