First Spider-Man: Edge of Time trailer spins confusing tale

Messing around with time and space always leads to confusion, which is why Spider-Man: Edge of Time’s two Spider-Men concept is a little tricky.
In this first trailer, we get to see both classic and 2099 versions of Spider-Man doing their thing. There’s also something to do with Peter Parker being killed … which obviously spells bad news for classic Spider-Man.
So, is 2099 Spider-Man from the future, or from an alternative dimension future – and is it only an alternative dimension because in its past, Peter Parker died? These, and other confusing questions, probably won’t be answered by the trailer below.
It does feature some punching too. That, I can follow. What it doesn’t feature is any freeform web slinging around a city. Which is a shame.
Anyway, maybe it’s like Back to the Future, except rather than trying to avoid sleeping with Peter Parker’s mum, Spider-Man 2099 needs to save his life.

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