Focused: Upcoming Humble Bundle will compile Focus Home Interactive titles

Focus Home Interactive

A logo, yesterday.

A new pair of Steam database entries going by the names “Focus Humble Bundle 1” and “Focus Humble Bundle 1 Beat The Average” give every indication that an upcoming Bundle will compile various titles published by Focus Home Interactive. Here’s the first database entry, and the second.

In case those links go down or mysterious vanish or something, here are the games listed: Divinity II: Director’s Cut, Game of Thrones, Confrontation, Cities XL 2012, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition and RAW – Realms of Ancient War. If nothing else, it’ll be worth it for the definitive version of the excellent RPG Divinity II and a cheap Blood Bowl key.

The ‘beat the average’ titles are listed as follows: Wargame: European Escalation (and freebie DLC), plus The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to super spy Johnny Bravo for the tip-off on this one.

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  • Mathias

    i think this is fake, because Humble bundle usually puts some extra games in their bundles and nothing is written about that on here, consider it another time please.

    • William Chambers

      Not only is your assumption incorrect, but your entire premise was.

  • James

    Wow.. what do you know, Marthias? This article actually predicted it right!
    Today, weekly humble bundle just have Focus Interactive bundle with all the games listed above

  • Mathias

    Told ya william

  • Mathias

    I was still right, because they described it as the main bundle, when it was the weekly, my assumption was correct

    • Tim McDonald

      Peter wrote: “an upcoming Bundle”
      You wrote: “i think this is fake”

      It turns out that it was, indeed, an upcoming Bundle, and not fake. I’m not quite sure how that makes your assumption correct, or where Peter described it as “the main bundle.”