Follow Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag updates with The Watch

Follow Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag updates with The Watch

To get the hype train rolling for¬†Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Ubisoft has flung the doors open of “The Watch” which is a new information hub for fans to follow.

Once the game is released, The Watch will also be a place where fans can unlock specific missions and track the leaderboards. The trailer below explains it all and it even comes with a dramatic booming voice for extra excitement.

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  • sorudo

    no main female character, no pre-order.
    i know it sounds weard to say but with how the AC is it’s weard that they don’t even offer the choice of main character gender, why does it always have to be a guy?

    • nasarius

      As I recall, Ubisoft’s excuse on this issue in the past was “because history”. Which seems particularly silly now, because well just Google “women in piracy”.

      • Peter Parrish

        Ezio had plenty of women helping him out in Brotherhood, too.

        It’s the weird, self-perpetuating cycle of “oh well games with women in the lead role don’t sell … so we won’t even try … so they won’t sell.”

        Except Tomb Raider, and all the Mass Effects, and probably other examples I’m forgetting now.

        • Tim McDonald

          I can understand them not offering a choice of gender, I suppose; very few games are able to pull that off while keeping a strong lead. To play devil’s advocate, too, the PS Vita game had a female protagonist. A black female protagonist, at that, which is even rarer; the last I can really remember was D’Arci from Urban Chaos, though I really hope she wasn’t the most recent. And by most accounts, the Vita game’s protagonist was far better than Connor!

          That said: they’ve proven they can do the game with a decent female protagonist, so the main series should really give that a try at some point. I’ve also been wanting that for awhile ūüôĀ