Free DLC incoming to Gotham City Impostors

A freebie release of DLC for all versions of Gotham City Impostors has already appeared on Xbox Live and will becoming soon to PC and PlayStation Network. In it, you’ll finally be able to live that life-long dream of dressing up as a ninja interpretation of Batman, farting on people in a high-rise building and then dismembering the corpse with a katana.
What? Some people do dream about that.
Yes, this new DLC set will add ninja (and business) costumes, as well as various other miscellaneous dress-up items. Your arsenal will be boosted by a katana and rapid ‘Kingmaker’ pistol; and all of this can be put to the test on ’25th Floor’, a brand new map.
For more details of the above, explained by quite an excited man, watch the video below.

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