Free Torchlight 2 expansion goodies coming early next year

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With the launch of the Beta for the Steam Market, we wondered if Runic Games had any plans to utilise the Steam Market at any point in the future for Torchlight 2 content.

Runic has always stated there would be free content and DLC for Torchlight 2 but what about in the future? The game is highly moddable which would obviously be a real problem as far as selling on any game items would be concerned. Runic’s Travis Baldree commented:

“At present we don’t have any plans to utilize the Market – because the game is moddable, it’s really far too open to support the security required for that to work.

For that same reason, we don’t have any plans for paid DLC. We ARE, however, working on some free expansion goodies that we’ll be releasing early in 2013. “

At the moment TL2 fans are waiting for the release of the GUTS modding tool which is taking longer than expected but at least there’s some good news with new free content on the way.

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