Get Even from Farm 51 wants to break the FPS mould

Get Even is a new FPS being developed by Farm 51, the team Painkiller: Hell and Damnation.

Revealed back on 13 December with little fanfare, the new FPS is aiming to be different from all other FPS titles on the market. The have been utilising 3D scans of real locations and characters with “innovative” technology being used through cooperation with “external specialists” to create what they hope will be a unique gaming experience.

The developers are also wanting to shake up the gameplay mechanics of the typical FPS and “remove the artificial boundary between modes of single and multiplayer”. During a single player game, other players can join a game and take on the role of the AI in someone’s campaign. They also want to shake up storytelling with the story being told through gameplay and the environment, not cutscenes and dialogue. Sounds interesting.

The game is planned for a 2015 release and the first set of tasty looking shots and art have appeared on their Facebook page and site.

Get Even

Get Even

Get Even

Get Even

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  • puffmcgruff

    That concept sounds enticing. No dialogue? Awesome sauce.