Get Torchlight for free on GoG and celebrate a DRM free summer

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DRM has been a hot topic since E3 and GOG.com has decided to launch their NoDRM summer sale which will run for 17 days with 85% off daily deals.

To entice gamers to check out their extensive catalogue of DRM free titles, they are giving away the original Torchlight from Runic Games absolutely free for the next 48 hours.

In the last few months, there has been a lot of outcry from gamers over DRM and how it is changing our favorite form of entertainment. If it keeps growing, it may well take a large part of the fun out of gaming. As anti-DRM crusaders, we’re very glad to see that the issue of restrictive digital rights management has become an item of public debate, and we want to make sure that our #NoDRM stance is clear. None of the games in our sale have DRM, and none of our games ever will.

Well you can’t argue with that. To get your free Torchlight, head to this page now.

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  • nasarius

    Just about everything on GOG is 50% off, which is fantastic. Everyone should go buy Startopia for $2.99 and play it right now. One of the best management/building games ever made, and it still runs fine on Windows 7.

    • Tim McDonald

      I almost forgot Startopia existed. Think I still have my old CDs around here, somewhere…

      I’m not planning on buying too much just yet, as I have no idea what’ll be featured in further deals over the coming days. Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a definite pickup, though, and I’ll probably wind up grabbing about a billion other things too. WHICH I WON’T PLAY FOR YEARS.

  • Chris

    One downside, no Linux version. Personally I grabbed one for soundtrack. I love music by Matt Uelmen.