Get your nose in front: help Kickstart the Stinkyboard

Get your nose in front: help Kickstart the Stinkyboard

There are few peripherals these days that get me excited but there is one that I think could actually benefit gamers and it’s the Stinkyboard.

So the name is a little weird but this piece of kit is a foot controller which means key actions are taken away from your fingers. Switching weapons for example in an FPS or even use it to strafe, activate actions in an RTS, well I’m sure there are many ways this can be utilised to increase your game actions. The Stinkyboard is rather nicely designed with stiff springs making it robust for some foot action.

A Kickstater is underway from creators SteLuLu Technologies and they are looking to raise $75,000 which is a reasonable amount to get this off the ground. Here’s a video of the development team talking about how your feet can now get in on the action.

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  • sorudo

    looks quite handy, might only use it for things like sprint or duck but it does free up my hand giving me an edge when i need to sprint and fire at the same time.