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Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain is your next Goat-to video

Goat Simulator

Yes, that seems like a pretty reasonable thing for a goat to do.

If there is any hope and goodness in the world, Sanctum devs Coffee Stain Studios will turn Goat Simulator into a full game. Right now, it’s just “playing around a bit with programming stuff” and “not out next IP.” But, clearly, it should be.

Would you like to experience the life of a goat? Goat Simulator could make that happen. Maybe even with more accuracy than Arma 2 (which also made for a pretty great simulation of goat life if you spawned yourself as one.)

Goat Simulator. It just makes sense.

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  • Lisa

    Please please someone make this a game!!!

  • Lazerbeak

    I was one the beta testers for this Sim….
    While testing I complained to the CoffeeStain team, that their simulator was running very slow and sluggish on my computer.

    After some testing the team told me, the problem doesn’t lie with the code, is your computer it doesn’t have enough “RAM” ha lol so I just gave them a “sheepish” look and said sorry