Green Man Gaming Christmas sale begins with the opening of Dealsford

green man gaming dealsford

It’s totally Christmas. You can tell, because the big digital retailers are beginning their annual sales. GOG’s sale started last week, Steam’s is expected to begin tonight, and Green Man Gaming’s Christmas sale opened about half an hour ago.

The GMG sale is themed around “Dealsford”, a little town full of houses, each offering their own deals. The Ubisoft house, for instance, has things like Splinter Cell: Blacklist for £14.99 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Gold Edition for £4.74. The Sega house has Alpha Protocol for £2.49 and Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed for £3.74. The EA house has Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for £2.49. Etc.

Toddle over to Green Man Gaming and explore the little sales town for yourself, though – as ever – bear in mind that Steam’s sale will probably be starting sometime soon. You may want to wait and compare deals for games on both services.

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  • SLowrAM

    Looks like Ubi forgot to build a house in the US.

  • Lamapie

    I wouldn’t trust GMG at all, their CS is awful, they lose tickets (on purpose), screwed up purchases, horrible download system, they purchase EA games through a third party distro in Sweden and it’s always having problems.

    Forgot to mention, the anti-fraud system they use penalises legitimate purchasers more than the fraudsters.

    Steam on the other hand, Sexy 🙂