Grim Dawn hits Kickstarter funding goal

Crate Entertainment, a group of former Iron Lore developers (Titan Quest), has announced that the Kickstarter project to fund action-RPG Grim Dawn has arrived at its goal. $280,000 USD was raised with over a week still to spare, and the total is now moving closer to $300,000 USD.
This game is being dubbed a “spiritual successor” to Titan Quest and will be (eventually) released for the PC. Some decent features are being promised, including full modding support, a semi open-world design with randomised elements to encourage replays, a ‘refined’ loot system that’ll drop fewer trashy items, meaningful quest choices, and a dangerous Victorian-era fantasy world.
If you want to sling the team some more money, there’s still time remaining on the funding clock (click through the source link below). As an interesting aside, Crate has put together a bit of a chart showing where some of the donations came from.
Source: kickstarter.com

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