Grim Dawn shots show the updated UI and mini-map

The Crate Entertainment team have been busy working away on their ARPG Grim Dawn as the release of the Alpha test draws closer.

For the past few months they’ve been tweaking the UI and shifting bits and pieces about and debating with the community the best way of handling features such health bars, or as some would prefer, health globes.

In the latest update from the team, they show off the latest version of the UI with which shows the mini-map location in the top right of the screen (top screenshot). This can be toggled off by the player as you can see in the second shot below.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn

There’s been discussion over whether the health bars above the action bars are in the right place. In my opinion it’s actually quite nice to see an ARPG not going with the good old globes that proved popular in the Diablo series and more recently in Path of Exile. Other would disagree with concerns that it covers too much of the bottom part of the screen.

No doubt we’ll see more tweakage of the interface before the alpha test gets underway.

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  • CG

    Looks enjoyable. Faster pace than PoE but keeps the pleasing visual design. Wonder how it will compare upon release.

  • ThomasJ

    Alpha coming soon. Hopefully we will not be disappointed.

  • Rushster

    Yeh I am looking forward to this too. It does remind me of a cross between POE and D2/D3 which is a good thing.

  • sdsd

    this will be so much better than diablo 3 !

  • Charles Summers

    Developer’s keep pushing off dates. There’s no sense in even saying soon anymore.

    Also, what they’re charging for access to Alpha, let alone Beta and release versions is laughable. I would not commit full price to a game that has not even entered Alpha stage, that is pure stupidity.