Grinding Gear take measures in Path of Exile to “destroy” RMT sites

Path of Exile

Real money trading in any ARPG is a right pain in the backside. Being spammed in chat being one of the most annoying factors when you’re trying to play. Grinding Gear Games has decided that enough is enough.

In the Path of Exile 0.11.0e patch update they’re adding a new trading condition for players where trading currency items with other players will  be blocked until a player’s character reaches level 25+. GGG state that this change has been added to “disrupt RMT and should not affect legitimate players very much”.

In a follow-up statement from GGG’s Chris Wilson he adds that they are “sorry for any inconvenience that the new trading restrictions cause, but they will have a dramatic impact on our mission to destroy RMT sites.”

Strong words from Chris, he really is a man on a mission.

The aim is to slow down the speed at which RMT sites can move currency items between accounts. Any RMT operation will now have to level-up thousands of characters beyond level 25 which will make their life a lot harder.

He also points out that accounts that have already been created are not affected by the new restrictions, it only applies to new accounts that are being created.

It’s encouraging to see GGG take some action against RMT, and while these new rules may be a little confusing to new players at first, the community will really benefit and the in-game economy can flourish if these new measures work.

Thanks POE: IncGamers

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  • Asteria

    So once they get the character to 25 they’re off and trading RMT?

    • Llama8

      Until they get banned, yes.

      • Asteria

        So not really addressing the issue, just postponing it a few levels.

        • Widukind

          I think you underestimate what a hassle it is for RMT sites to constantly have to level up new accounts. No, this won’t shut down RMT for good, but it sure makes PoE a whole lot less attractive for RMT sites.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    It’s a bit of a pain I think, if I understand correctly, imagine finding quil rain or something unique and low level for your friend whilst playing and you’re unable to give it to your friend until level 25. Can’t GGG just take legal action against RMT sites? I think with the success of POE they must have the budget somewhere for legal fees?

    • Ihadto

      No, you do not understand correctly. Quil Rain is not a currency item. Anyway what you are proposing is for them to waste money on futile legal bullcrap instead of just investing more in the improvement of the game, and maybe hiring more people? Just level to 25, its so freaking easy. Unless you are working for one of those sites and need to level hundreds of accounts to 25.