GTA V for PC release evidence uncovered in 360 files?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

While our console chums will enjoy the exciting world of GTA V, PC gamers are left hanging wondering when Rockstar will make the inevitable PC announcement.

With the next-gen consoles still to arrive, Rockstar will be wanting to hold off on the PC version as long as possible in the hope that PC gamers who have consoles won’t be able to resist buying the game. PC gamers  may even shell out for it again when it does come to the PC. Kerrrrrching!

There is no concrete evidence directly from Rockstar about the PC version but a config file has apparently been uncovered in the 360 version which alludes to not only PS4 settings but also PC settings. Around line 1290 of this file is where all the PC fun starts.



<Config type=”CGameConfig”>

Apparently the information can be dumped via a 360 dev kit and this has been confirmed by a few eager gamers as a legitimate file.

Let’s get one thing straight here, we’re not in any doubt the game will eventually  come to the PC, and it will be the superior version, but can PC gamers who have consoles resist the temptation?

Thanks Reddit and GamingBlend

Update: In related news, Taiwanese animated news is covering the console release in the only way they know how. You have to laugh really.

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  • nobodymustknowmynameforiamobama

    If this game gets a PC release date, you bet your ass I’ll be building a PC in anticipation for that day……this is coming from an xbox-only guy

    • Paul Younger

      I am going to hold off on any console versions myself because this could be fantastic on PC. I think it would be worth the wait to play it on a nice beefy rig.

  • fsj

    Want want want. The online element will be amazing on PC! Think APB but not shit with almost neverending activities.

    Do it R*!

  • SLowrAM

    Sorry guys, don’t think I can resist after seeing positive reviews. Now trying to decide whether to go digital or box copy. I was hoping you’d have a pc release date to keep me in check, but you’ve failed me – come on just make up a date, convince me to wait.

  • Zing

    @SlowrAM, of course there is no release date to keep you in check. They WANT you to feel uncomfortable. If they gave you a pc release date NOW, on the 17th of September, you might not cave in and buy the console version. You are being the sucker they want you to be. I’m not going to cave in. I didn’t for GTA 4, I won’t for GTA 5. I have ONE, count them, ONE copy of GTA 4 for PC, and it will be no different for GTA 5. I have plenty of other things to do for several months. And when it comes out, I will have lots of fun, and at that time, the console people will have burned through their copy. In other words, everyone gets to have fun, and it doesn’t matter if it’s now, or in 6 months. It’s’ a hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one.

    Also when you buy two of them, you are rewarding that kind of behavior, so rockstar then things it’s a great marketing technique.

  • SLowrAM

    Oh they suckered me, course the way I look at it is I bought this (overpriced) little GTA 5 keychain from Walmart and it just happened to include a PS3 copy of GTA 5. Saw at least a dozen people in line and 3/4 or more of them opted for the 360 version.
    I need to get my eyesight checked, can’t read a darn GTA thing on the tv from my couch, had to move in an office chair to get closer. Man do I suck at it, course didn’t help I couldn’t read it’s darn tip text for a bit there, and it’s difficult reading it while trying to drive and not crash into other cars. I’m really at a loss as to how I made employee of the month when the cars I repo return looking like they were in a car derby.

    • a

      Are you playing on Optimal vido setings with an HDMI cord?

  • a

    GTA 5 will be releasing on PC and PS4 FACT!