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GTA V gets launch trailer – Can we have the PC announcement now?

The guys here will rip me a new one later for posting this as GTA V has still not been confirmed for PC, but we’re pretty sure it will be eventually. Who am I to deny our trusty readers some GTA action.

Now that the console version is about to ship, perhaps Rockstar will get off their backsides and actually announce this for PC.

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  • Joseph

    I’m starting to wonder if they will release it on PC. I think they should have at least made a comment about it now. Everyone else that I’ve seen is almost certain it won’t be though. I hope it does.


    I’m more than confident it’ll see it’s way to PC. Rockstar usually doesn’t dissapoint us PC Gamers, specially with their last few rounds of games. Lets just hope it’s not another Red Dead, because I’ll go out and repurchase a console just to play this title.

  • Tim McDonald

    I’d be surprised if it doesn’t wind up on PC unless it’s had similar development hell issues to Red Dead Redemption, but Rockstar don’t normally announce the PC versions of GTA until the console versions are already out. So yeeeeah, I’m reasonably optimistic it’ll hit the Best Platform, and I’m not hugely surprised they haven’t even mentioned it yet.


  • Peter Parrish

    The first rule of GTA V PC Club is not to …. DAMNIT

  • Soldier

    This is ridiculous, now I’ll have to play it on that old dated ps3 hardware on my cfw. I don’t want to play this game on my ps3, because I don’t play any games on my ps3 because the hardware is dated.

  • The Pewds Bro

    Rockstar never leaves anyone’s hopes and dreams hanging with a thread. They’ll surely announce the pc version by the end of october, just keep your calm until then my fellow pc gamers.

  • Widukind

    If the pc version will be as badly optimized as the GTA IV port, I’m not terribly interested.