GTA V PC community gets excited by Rockstar developer tweets

gta V

After last week’s failed pre-order release date we’re still none the wiser as to when a GTA V PC will be released. It’s a complete mystery that’s frustrating PC gamers who are gagging to get stuck into the game.

Site visitor Markomts points us in the direction of some interesting tweets from Rockstar developer John Diaz who almost lets the cat out the bag. It’s not exactly clear what he’s hinting at but it’s intriguing nevertheless.

When probed on his Twitter over the GTA V PC version he posted:

This was then followed up by:

Not wanting to read between the lines here but it’s at least something new this week to get PC gamers’ hopes up. I think we can all agree it’s coming and it’s Rockstar that’s holding out on the announcement for now.

We were hoping that an announcement would be coming very soon and we thought a March release date could be possible based on previous GTA releases on the PC which are usually around six months after the console released. As time ticks on, a March release date is starting to look less likely but Rockstar may surprise us yet.

Indecently, the petition to bring the game to the PC has now reached over 666,000 signatures but perhaps Rockstar would like to see 1 million before they announce anything.

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  • Anonymous

    It is high time for RockstarGames to comment on the rumours

    • Rushster

      Agreed, it’s long overdue.

    • Stagger Lee

      I’d guess they’re not talking because it builds a lot of free hype. I can’t see any other reason why they wouldn’t just tell us it’s not gonna happen. Or maybe the consoles wanted it to be exclusive, Rockstar said no, but agreed to keep quiet about a pc version. I don’t know, but I think the silence is a good sign.

      Still, it would be nice to let us know.

      • Matt k.

        I would say it’s more of a situation where they don’t want to confirm because after making the PC community wait 6 months for a release any extra delays will result in loss of sales. Instead, if they wait to announce it until it’s ready, the hype will carry over to the release and they’ll have more sales that way.

        • GTA IV came out on PC 7 months after console, all GTA games on PC are console ports don’t expect anything more than that from Rockstar. They have a very small budget for the PC development side of things since piracy plays a big factor into their investments. GTA V will kick serious *** on PC even as a port (GTA IV) because the community will create kick *** mods for it like iCEnhancer for example which will unlock its true capabilities. So just hoping Rockstar get the game on the market so we can start modding the **** out of it and basically make the game we want to play just like GTA IV :D.

    • What? They don’t owe you (or me) anything

    • Darren

      Apparently Rockstar has been paid by Sony and microsoft to keep it quiet

  • Markomts

    Amazing! Thanks guys for listening!

  • Anonymous

    They can stick it up their ar$e at this point. We’ve waited long enough for a PC version. We should have gotten an announcement by now, but nah

  • jeg

    should i just buy a 3ds and get pokemon instead?

    • jeg

      been waiting since 2011..
      not everyone’s got the patience of odysseus
      *bleep* ithaca, *bleep* penelope
      i wouldve set up a new home in some island and started a new life
      find a native girl and drink nice chilled coconut juice under the sun

      • gangle

        What the fuck are you even saying.

        • flaming910

          Its greek mythology, odysseus was a greek adventurer and stuff, ithaca and penelope were women he met

          • Iraklis

            Penelope was his wife and Ithaca is the island he lived in.Get your facts straight

  • X

    There is no valid reason for those bastards to hold off on at least announcing it will be available on the PC platform.

    I and everyone else can surely understand that the release date can only be announced when they are reasonably certain they can finish the game by the deadline.


    Keeping customers in suspense is one thing.

    Tormenting them is something else entirely.

    It is rude and condescending to not even announce what platforms GTA V is going to be released on.

    They should at least say yay or nay to PC, XBox One and PS4.

    Tormenting the fans is not going to win them any points.

    Waiting for an announcement of the release date is acceptable.

    As I said, it will be done when it is done, and not before.

    But by NOT even letting us now what platforms we can expect is unacceptable, and whoever the asshole is at Take Two or Rockstar who insists on tormenting the fans of the franchise should be fucking


    • Rushster

      This typical Rockstar though so it was to be expected when the console version was released. Just a shame they can’t change their ways.

    • Peter Plank

      They have the right since they are the developers.

      • rok2

        and WE are the PAYING consumer, without us they wouldn’t have jobs as developers. they have the right to do withhold their products without notice as developers, but we, as consumers, have the right to not have to put up with their bullshit or give them a dime. individuals like yourself are precisely the reason why these corporations continue to act the way they do. enjoy getting fuq’ed, you pansy.

        • Skywolf

          Well you are doing just that right now aren’t you? I mean as far as I can see, you aren’t spending a single dime on GTA V at the moment. No one is holding you back from having your little boycott. Quit complaining, the developers are people as well, and if they don’t want to announce sell it on PC they have all the reasons to do so. They in fact don’t have to deal with YOUR bullshit, which they are doing so far. Rockstar will still crank out enjoyable games and still keep their jobs without the PC community, look at Red Dead Redemption. I personally want GTA V on pc as well, and I hope they do announce it. But, seriously…just be patient, and if they don’t announce it, they don’t announce it. As simple as that, life’s unfair.

        • Jeremy Sheer

          They dont owe you anything. They could careless if you stop supporting them. There rockstar. If you want GTA so bad go buy a PS3 for $200. Ive had it september…..console market always beats the stupid PC people

          • bilal2005

            and ur using PS3 right now to comment here :P…..:)

          • moo

            COULDN’T care less you moron… if they COULD care less then it means they do care.. at least a little.

            If they couldn’t care less it would mean they are at zero care levels and unable to care less, which is what you meant!!!

          • Elly

            moo, thanks for giving me a laugh. It was like a Basil Fawlty moment. I think the same thing every time I see that. Couldn’t, couldn’t, could…..unt!

      • R

        They may have rights which no one can take away but just by releasing one single statement about PC release date would make millions of gamers out there happy.

  • facu

    Its a shame that R keep in silence but this is a nice clue!
    Hope that this guy keep talking

  • Corey

    Don’t care about PC, just bring it to the PS4, PC gamers can go bone themselves.

    • lolmad

      Rockstar already said they’re not planning on bringing it to next-gen consoles, be mad console pleb.

    • Steven

      So your telling us, PC gamers who some have spent maybe a year saving so they can go built a gaming PC, the ones who wants the best experience and the best visuals, to get stuffed? So we spend thousands of dollars just to get hated on by developers and have a gaming PC that is nothing more than a paperweight (thats one heavy duty paperweight :P) (exaggeration). Just because you cant be stuffed, too lazy or too poor to be in the master race, doesn’t mean that you can hate on us. Let’s have harmony between the PC race and the peasant console race 🙂

  • Mike

    Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !Relaese Gta V for Pc !

  • cityuser

    last time, in GTA 4, nVidia has worked with the game company that made ATI/AMD GPU run bad.
    I hope the reverse can be happened in GTA V PC, just hate nvidia doing evil tricks on competitors.

    • dsf

      What the fu’k you chatting?

  • ThisIsSparta

    Relaese GTA V i in swiden and i cant wait to play this game multipayer for me it dos not matter if it cos 100$ american dolar i but it but Relaese GTA V cant wait fot PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

    • ThisIsSparta

      i meant if they relaese gta v i will by it for 100$ dolar but i hope they will relase it soon.

  • kk

    youuu youuuu ahahahahaha if the don’t make a pc the don’t make a gaybox you dummy


  • William Stone

    Bwahahaha. Too little, too late R*.

    To date I have bought most of my GTA games legally, however the cat and mouse bullshit with your information regarding a GTA V release is getting quite old.

    I’ll go pre order Watch_Dogs or w/e I suppose, and IF GTA V makes it to PC well….lets just say I’ll pirate it before I buy it. Or, I’ll just wait for it to go down to like 4.99$ on Steam. Rockstar can go fuck themselves at this point.

    • dsf

      Exactly what i’ll do.

    • Dave

      I agree totally, what a bunch of bullshit.

  • facu

    Guys of INC gamers, check their twitter account again. He delete this tweets.
    Causality? no way

  • TheONE133421

    They’re waiting for the release of AMD Mantle

  • Lazerbeak

    Best to just try and forget about GTA V and ignore the rockstar cock teasing


    GTA V is one PC game. I will honestly buy!.

  • Marian

    What if it comes out on April 1st?

    • superbitch

      The Da Vinci code has been cracked.

  • stoogel

    Can’t wait to steal it.

  • xanbruski

    I’ve been playing GTA since it was top down PC only. I remember the innovations that came later with an open world environment pioneered in GTA 3. They have forgotten their costumers clearly with a no PC release, seeing we built their hype and funded them with our purchases. I remember people asking me what game I was playing and I would say GTA; they would say I wish it was on my console. Like all mistakes of old forgetting were you come from will cost you. I will not be buying a priority slower computer i.e. PS,xbox, etc, just to play GTA. ~It’s Just One Game I wont Play~

    • Dave

      If it ever does come out for PC I won’t be paying $60 for it. I’ll wait until it’s $10 to buy it, which could mean years. When I first heard about GTA5 I was stoked, but after all this waiting I’ve truly lost interest. I’m not a hard core gamer anyway. I have however played all the Gta series, was hoping to play this one long before now. They’re in bed with the console companies, forcing people to go out and buy an Xbox that don’t already own one. LOL won’t work for me. Fuck you rock-star. I can have just as much fun watching all the videos of if on youtube.

  • zerot

    just built a whole new system just to play gta I can’t wait

  • Martin

    I for one would love GTA 5 at least announced for the XBOX 1, then i can finally put the xbox 360 back in in the attic,

    All you PC people have to wait because the game will be majorly pirated almost the second its released. and that will stop some people buying it on the 360 and PS3 if all released the same day.
    I quite often try out games on my PC before buying them for my Xbox. nothing worse than buying a game for £50 and not like it!

    XB1 and PS4 gamers have to wait because we are the minority they cant make as much money from the newer consoles as the older consoles simply because theres not enough people with next gen consoles yet. its not priority to get GTA ready when they are making so much from the other consoles. because they know when they do release it for PC, XB1 and PS4 everyone will go crazy and theyll make a shit load more money!

    The long and short of it rockstar and taketwo are trying to make as much money as they possibly can. In there world all publicity is good publicity. So they are probably loving everyone bitching about it! and watching the bank notes roll in even more

    I will buy it the day it becomes available on XB1 and i already have it on xbox360 because i caved and bought it because i couldnt wait.

    My two cents for what its worth

  • PH

    I wonder how much money the console franchise paid Rockstar to not publish it on pc yet???

  • Gunnar

    Why not just play League Of Legends??

  • Keenan

    When the games first comes out I wonder how much it will cost