GTA V release date: It’s not 2012

Rockstar must be loving this. They’re not even opening their mouths about Grand Theft Auto V and yet no one can stop talking about it.

Today’s “new story” regarding the open-world kill/crash/smash/porn/story ’em up is that it will NOT be coming out this year. Yesterday stories were posted around the web that the game was due for release on 23 November, that has turned out to be bollocks. Surprise.

The info had come from a posting from online retailer Zavvi, which listed the date. They’ve since said that the listed date was speculation and not based on any info from the publisher… so, why post it?

Other retailers, which at this point would prefer to remain anonymous, are telling us that the game will not come out this year.  One advertising is GameStop with 1/3/2013.

Man, when did these retailers get to be such a big player in the news game?

If you missed yesterday’s release of fresh GTA V images, you can find them here.

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  • Simon

    “It’s not 2012” Yet another shite article with no links, proof or evidence on anything. Surprise, surprise. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so stop making up ridiculous claims and pointless articles.

    • chromo

      apart from the links in it..

      • Simon

        What another retailer link? They’re all different. that will be unconfirmed date like Zavvi admitted. Must be the tenth article of its type so far. More speculative BS.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Dude, learn to read, I agree with Cromo, whilst these article’s are similar to IGN’s etc, at least Incgamers’ provide evidence.

      • DavidTheSlayer


      • Simon

        There’s been about 10 other retailer articles like this already. It’s unconfirmed by rockstar, hence not evidence, like this article.

        • Jack Pott

          this article doesn’t say it’s been confirmed. It’s telling us about retailer speculative dates.