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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday arrives 10 December

Guild Wars 2

And so it begins. MMOs across the land will be chilling down for their annual winter festivities and Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 will be arriving on Tuesday 10 December.

Wintersday signals the arrival of inventor Tixx in the big floaty golem-shaped worskshop, a Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, bell choir, Toypocalypse and it’s threatening toys, snowballs fights, and the Toxic Alliance continue to be a menace.

A developer live stream covering the content will be going live the day before the content launch and that can be eatched on the Twitch channel.

Now watch the festive trailer and check out the shots.

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  • sorudo

    sing this in a jingle bell tone ^_^

    rushing trough the game
    chasing commander zerg trains
    killing all the mobs
    finishing achievements in a day
    running trough kessex hills
    killing all the champions
    all we have left to do
    whining on the official forums

    wintersday wintersday
    all we want is loot
    we dont care about the living story
    just give us all your gold
    wintersday wintersday
    even this event
    it’s full of farms
    has nothing fun
    let get back to guild wars 1