Gunnar Optiks granted patent for gaming eyeware

Gunnar Opriks

Gunnar Optiks has been creating “Computer Eyewear Technology” has been granted the patents for the company’s lens technology and design.

Gunnar has created the 20/20 and prescription glasses for gamers which contain a proprietary lens material to reduce eye strain when playing games. Specifically they filter spectral peaks from computer backlights, they also protect the eye from air currents and give distortion free viewing.

In simple speak, the should reduce eye strain when playing games for long periods of time. Gunnar say they give wearers a visual advantage and they will also be able to process more than the naked eye.

It all sounds a little far fetched but for someone like me who suffers from the eye condition Keratoconus these could be worth a shot. The glasses prices start at $99.00.

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  • Zalis

    It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t know that it would benefit me much more than the usual “anti-glare” coating my glasses already have. If they really *did* make a measurable difference, though, it might be worth it for people who already work computer desk jobs. Leaving work to come home and stare at another monitor loses its appeal as your eyes age.

  • they don’t really leave much chance for glass wearers do they, don’t like the yellow glasses part ether.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Wonder if one can try these out in Specsavers lol.

  • I don’t wear glasses but I suspect I should do after my years at the PC. If they were proven to ease eye strain I’d get a pair, even if it did jar with my razor sharp fashion ensemble.