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Half Life 3 European trademark vanishes – Elaborate hoax?

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A couple of days ago we all got super excited by the Half Life 3 trademark filing, it was happening right? Valve were doing one of those things publishers do where they register a trademark in a region outside of their own. Blizzard are known to do this a lot.

It appears that the trademark filing has now mysteriously vanished from the EU trademark site which points to it possibly being some kind of a hoax. So who would play such a cruel trick? Possibly a rather well off fan who had the cash to pay a filing fee? Could Valve have trademarked it then pulled it following the resurfacing of the developers list from their internal Jira system showing who was working on it?

It’s a mystery we’ll probably never get to the bottom of but it did the job in generating some hype around Valve following the recent Steam announcements. Will Half Life 3 be made? More than likely. Is it in some sort of development stage now? Possibly.

In related trademark filing news, now Portal 3 has appeared on the trademark list but based on all the above just dismiss it for now.

Move along, nothing to see here.



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