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Halo 4’s ‘map pass’ covers nine multiplayer maps

The ‘War Games Map Pass’ for Halo 4 will already be included in the ‘limited edition’ release of the game, but here are more detailsĀ  for those who want to buy it as a stand-alone piece of DLC. You’ll be able to pick it up for $25 USD (2000 MS Points) from 6 November, the day of Halo 4’s worldwide release.

For that price, you’ll be entitled to three map packs containing three maps each. The release schedule for those DLC packs is as follows:

Crimson Map Pack: Wreckage, Harvest, Shatter (December)

Majestic Map Pack: Landfill, Monolith, Skyline (February)

Castle Map Pack: Perdition, Daybreak, Outcast (April)

The packs will be available individually on release too, likely at $10 USD apiece.

In case you missed the TV trailer for the game, which aired last night, here it is again.

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