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Hear them roar: Gaijin record tanks for War Thunder in this video

When you’re playing a sim of any sort the audio is not always the first thing to grab your attention but it is important.

Gaijin, the developers of War Thunder are going for that authentic tank experience by sticking a mic next to a bunch of tanks and recording their audio. Surely all tanks sound the same, a big rumbling noise and the clatter of the wheels? Apparently not.

It’s worth sending a man with a hairy mic out into the field to capture all the nuances of tank rumblings. Watch the video as the Gaijin team and some rugged chaps with no shirts record the sounds.

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  • Pete

    Woeful AI. Griefers and trolls encouraged through billing of victims. Highly imbalanced when it comes to damage and physics of vehicles. Oh and its p2w to the back teeth, but it does look good.