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Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarted – Looking for 800K from mech fans

heavy gear assault

Remember Heavy Gear on the PC? It was Activision’s take on the table-top Heavy Gear game which was created by Dream Pod 9. It was also what could be considered a faster paced mech experience when you compared it to Activision’s other mech title MechWarrior.

Developer Stompy Bot Productions has been busy raising funds to get their new title Heavy Gear Assault off the ground, and today they launched the Kickstarter campaign phase where they are a looking to raise $800,000 for the game’s development.

Competitive eSports appears to be the main target for Stompy Bot so they’re taking the Heavy Gear “Gear Dueling” concept and making that the game’s focus. It’s not clear how expansive these arenas will be,  and with other mech titles already launched such as MechWarrior Online and the faster paced HAWKEN, Stompy Bot have some work to do to make this game stand out.

Heavy Gear Assault will be free to play with a membership subscription tier, purchasable items, additional game content and special tournaments to keep gamers hooked.

The footage that’s been released as part of the Kickstarter promotion looks pretty early in development but you can see what they’re aiming for with the Unreal 4 engine and destructible environments.

Watch the Kickstarter pitch and see what you think.

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  • sorudo

    it’s a PvP arena game, the exact same thing NCsoft had, and it failled…hard.
    we also have mechwarrior online, a game that explains nothing about how the game workd and has barely anything to do with the mechwarrior universe.
    what do they do different that two other games have done already, i do wish them all the luck they can get but i see no future in games that only recylce exactly what a different game brought us and already showed that regardless of how much the devs want to play it, the majority of the players want to play something different, something ppl would love to play without being locked within a map giving barely anything new if any at all.