Homeworld IP has been sold, buyer not yet revealed


Remember teamPixel? They were the group hoping to raise funds through IndieGoGo and Kickstarter for a bid on the Homeworld IP that was up for grabs after THQ’s collapse. Well, those guys didn’t get it. But thanks to an update to their Kickstarter campaign, we know that someone else did.

The update states that teamPixel earned enough money to qualify as a bidder at the auction, but were “were unable to raise the necessary funds to remain competitive against the other parties.” As a result, they will be refunding all the money donated via the various platforms they set up.

So, who does own Homeworld now?

According to teamPixel’s best guess: “We anticipate an announcement of the new owner to be made within a couple weeks and for the sale to be finalized around mid-May.”

Based on that, it shouldn’t be long before we learn who has ownership of the 3D space strategy series.

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  • Tim McDonald

    Since teamPixel couldn’t get it, I sorta hope Relic managed to pick it up, either themselves or by convincing SEGA it was worth a punt. There are a few other studios I could see doing something neat with this (Blackbird Interactive, say) but Relic would remain my first choice, and it always kinda seemed like they wanted to do something more with the property.

    Really, though, I’m just hoping we see something come of this, rather than a studio holding onto the rights forever and doing nothing with them. Also: GOG for the first two games, please.