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Horror adventure The Crow’s Eye teased

crows eye

Is a crow’s eye what you get when your crow’s feet get really bad? That question will almost certainly not be answered in 3D2 Entertainment’s forthcoming first-person horror adventure The Crow’s Eye.

I don’t actually know what will be answered, though, because all I’ve been sent is a short teaser trailer and an image of a letter. 10 seconds of digging on the company’s official website indicates that they’re striving to build a game with an “adult” story – and no, not in the tits-and-gore way – and that it’s going to mix a variety of playstyles, ranging from investigation and puzzle-solving to stealth. If it’s got more of a focus on puzzles than it does stealth, I’ll be pleased; I’ve played a lot of Amnesia and Outlast and Clock Tower lately and I’m really quite mentally broken enough, thank you.

I imagine we’ll be finding out more soon, but for now you can have a gander at the image above and the teaser below, and see what you can fathom of The Crow’s Eye.

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