Humble Weekly Sale takes you to Tropico

tropico 4

Another week, another Humble Weekly Sale, and this one’s brought to you by those chaps and chap-esses at Kalypso.

$1 will net you dictatorial city-builder Tropico 3: Steam Special Edition, side-on shmup Sine Mora, aerial racer Skydrift, and sawmill-based horror Anna: Extended Edition. Bump up your contribution to at least $6 and you’ll also get the slightly rubbish strategy reboot Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition, the latter of which is somewhat amusing because it’s pretty much the same as Tropico 3 only with a nicer interface and smoother play.

All in all, though, it’s probably worth considering. Tropico 4 is rather great (and the same goes for Tropico 3, although you really only need one of them). Sine Mora was well-received. Skydrift is an amusing little racer. And, hey, the rest aren’t too bad either.

All games activate on Steam. You can pick ’em up here.

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