If Grand Theft Auto V reaches the PC, it’ll look (slightly better than) these images

Rockstar is still humming and hawing about whether to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the PC (or they already know but just haven’t told anybody yet,) so keep that in mind as you look at these new images from the game. You might have to play it on a console. I’m sorry.

By Rockstar’s own word, these shots are from “current gen” console technology, so there’s none of that PS4 or Xbox 360 2: Return of the Xbox (Again) stuff here.

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  • Tim McDonald

    I can absolutely believe these shots are on current-gen consoles. Texture work on the helicopter, the jaggies on the big building by the road in the same shot, the license plate on the car in the 9th image, the blades on the wind turbines, etc. etc. Still looks rather nice (the water, in particular) but far from mind-blowing.

  • Peter Parrish

    Yes, they are a bit jaggy-tastic. Come on Rockstar, embrace the power of anti-aliasing with a PC version.