IncGamers’ Mega List of Upcoming 2014 PC Games

2014 Unspecified Release Dates

The Evil Within (Tango Gameworks, 2014)

The Evil Within - 03

I’ve just learned that this is called Psychobreak in Japan, which is a much better name. Anyway, it’s going to be “directed” by Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil,) so you’d imagine the survival horror aspects will be up to scratch.

Evolve (Turtle Rock, 2014)


4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer title, in which four human alien hunters face off against a player-controlled alien beastie. Size and power against maneuverable foes with a numerical advantage.

Frozen Endzone (Mode 7 Games, 2014)


The creators of Frozen Synapse return with a sports-themed strategy title, similar in structure to their previous release. More Blood Bowl than Madden, but without the dice rolls.

Galactic Civilizations 3 (Stardock, 2014)

galactic civilizations 3

Far too early to say how this might turn out, and it may not even make a 2014. Nonetheless, it’s the follow-up to one of the more beloved 4x space strategy titles out there.

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games, 2014)

Grand Theft Auto V

I mean, probably. You know.

Grim Dawn (Crate Entertainment, 2014)

Grim Dawn

This popular ARPG will leave the land of eternal beta in 2014 and set forth for the bountiful plains of Official Releasedom.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard, 2014)

hearthstone 5

An online collectible card game based around the Warcraft license, you say? No, I can’t see how that would ever succeed or make untold billions of dollars.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Dennaton, 2014)

hotline miami 2

More neon. More grime. More tunes. More gore. More masks. More Miami.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (1C Game Studios, 2014)

IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad (6)

But wait, Hollywood has told me that the battle of Stalingrad was all about snipers. How are snipers going to shoot at planes? Come on, that’s just silly. This combat flight sim is currently in alpha and using the Rise of Flight engine.

Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly, late 2014)

Alien Isolation -  04

Said to be a first-person “horror stealth” game, which already makes it twenty times more interesting than Colonial Marines. On the other hand, SEGA is publishing again and Creative Assembly’s last game was the severely flawed Total War: Rome 2. Hmm.

Black Desert (Pearl Abyss, 2014)

black desert

IncGamers’ reader sorudo points us towards Black Desert, a sandbox-oriented open world MMO. Said to be in closed beta testing, with an English language version announced at the end of last year. I know nothing else about it, so follow the website link to learn more.


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  • TonySoprano

    blackguards is on 24 jabuary
    some that are not listed but cant wait for them nuclear union, lords of xulima

    • jordan guerrero

      They also forgot Fallout 4 -_- which hopefully be released in 2014.. if its real..

      • ServiusTheBear

        Until Beth say anything. Its better not hoping.

  • Bear

    Good list thanks

  • sorudo

    you’re forgetting about black desert and arche age, they are pretty well watched by many open world sandbox gamers.

  • Namik

    Lords of the Fallen:
    “It’s claimed you’ll need to be methodical in each encounter though, which sounds a bit Souls-ey to me.”
    Well, it should sound ‘Souls-ey’ since devs already said their game is heavly inspired by Demon’s/Dark Soul.

  • Askmyself

    GTA V!!!

  • Peter Parrish

    Added Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (Feb 2014), ArchAge (Q1 2014, far as I can tell) and Black Desert (2014 sometime) to the list – and moved Blackguards to January.

    Any other suggestions, let us know 🙂

  • Peter Parrish

    Moved around some Q2/Q3 stuff so it’s now in the right place.

  • therealone

    Hope GTA V comes for PC

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Age of Wonders 3 is currently aiming for March ^v^. I do hope South Park: SoT and Dark Souls 2 hit their aims for March as well :).

  • juancho

    GTA V the only game that want 🙂