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IncGamers Plays Arma 3 Beta


We had the chance to check out the Arma 3 beta prior to it going live early next week.

In our usual shambolic way we take on one of the beta co-op missions in an attempt to repel the enemy forces surrounding our base. In true IncGamers fashion there was plenty of bickering but we managed to nail it thanks to Tim capturing a rather damaged enemy vehicle which we put to good use until the chopper arrived to a lift us out.

We have captured the whole mission so you can snigger at our ineptitude and see how the complete mission played out.

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  • Yottahertz.

    Anyone that opted for the Dev build got it early

    • Rushster

      They sure did and a lot of fun it’s been too, despite what you see in the vid đŸ˜‰