IncGamers Plays: Far Cry 3 PC Map Editor – Part 2

After my initial first run with the Far Cry 3 PC map editor, I decided to head back in and tinker with more of the tools and see what I could whip up in thirty minutes or so. In this video I show how the water levels work and try an piece together a small village while showing how objects you place can be manipulated with ease.

If you missed part one you can see that here and the part 3 on this page.

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  • Far cry 3

    can u do this on ps3

    • MgT

      yes you can, there’s a ingame level editor with the ps3 and x360 version (under the multi player menu) although i think the pc version works the best (more precise and stuff)

  • Jakkalas

    I see yours is also lagging when you test the map. Mine does the same (also PC), even though the game itself plays perfectly.