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IncGamers Plays Next Car Game – It’s destruction time

Next Car Game

Bugbear have been gathering support for their destruction derby racer Next Car Game for a few months now and the game recently hit Steam Early Access.

Next Car Game has been gathering support the hard way, first with a Kickstarter that was pulled, then through tech video releases, and then funding the game’s development through Bugbear’s own site. It’s not been easy to get PC gamers to embrace what could be a very solid and fun racer.

That’s changing though thanks to the recent release of the free tech demo on their site which  shows off the game’s physics and car damage models.

I’ve been messing about in the game for a few weeks now and it’s  time I demonstrated how terrible I am at driving and also show off what Bugbear has managed to achieve with Next Car Game so far.

The Steam Early Access version currently comes with three “tracks”, the  destruction arena, a tarmac track, and finally a gravel track. These all handle quite differently and your success not only depends on how well you drive but whether you can keep your car in one piece. It’s not easy.

A word of warning, there is extreme car violence in this video. It’s quite gruesome.

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  • juancho

    Amazing game. I like that the wheels beside the roads spreads when you crash them.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Thanks for the gameplay video, reminds me of that game on PC where you sent your car through loops and over ramps, sometimes to launch your driver as high as possible.

  • UKPartisan

    So what we get here is basically Destruction Derby 1 and 2 from 1995 and 1996. Re-packaged in neato 21st century graphics and modelling and sold back to us for £19.99. Sorry but this is one for the under 30’s only, seeing as everything 90’s is becoming vogue (just as everything 80’s before it) no wonder the kickstarter failed. It may well be fun, but for how long?…Trust me DD 1 and 2 were fun for 15 minutes and not worth £19.99 in 1995 or 6.