IncGamers Plays Resident Evil 6 Co-op on PC

Tim dons Jake’s manly coat and Peter nestles inside Sherry’s furry hood as they take on the Resident Evil 6 campaign and multiplayer modes in our latest IncGamers Plays ahead of our review later this morning. Find out how they got on.

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  • CG

    Thanks for the Let’s Play. Wasn’t sure prior to release, but now the co-op looks pretty fun. Also like the optimizations they made for PC

  • trevor lawrence

    Hi I hope you can help me as I am new to these games,I have just bought resident evil 6 for pc off amazon and started to play the game when I got to the part where he jumps off the balcony in to where all the zombies are fighting I kill about eight and a plane crashes into a building and it promps me to run like hell,then he stops and turns round and gets killed taking no notice of the keys that i am pressing which are up on the screen.reagards trevor

  • Tim McDonald

    Cccccurious. Not quite sure why that’s happening.

    Assuming you’re on mouse/keyboard: with the plane crash, you essentially need to hold down S and Space to run towards the screen. When the view shifts around (automatically) it becomes W and Space.

    It might be that you’re pressing the keys too early, while it’s still in “cutscene mode”, so the game isn’t registering the presses – I think Leon runs automatically for a bit, even after the prompt appears. If he stops, though, S + Space is your best bet. Not quite sure what else I can suggest, unfortunately.


    Hi I bought Resident evil 6 for my main computer and its great. The only trouble is I can not play it in my laptop as its not connected to the internet and I dont want to have wifi around the house,Is there a way I can play it in my laptop Without having to put on steam on ? kind regards Trevor Lawrence